Saturday, October 1, 2016

Plotnitsky weeping: "They [the Banderites] are our brothers and sisters ... forgiveness"

In his latest interview, which is becoming a sensation in Ukraine, Igor Plotnitsky starts weeping: "We have killed many people. Both many of our own and others. ... For the ambitions of some idiots. Excuse me. ... What was I talking about? ... We defended ourselves in the same way [he speaks of defending emphatically in the past tense]...."
Plotnitsky, weeping, calls the Kiev forces and the Banderites "brothers and sisters" and "our kin," calls for "Slavic forgiveness." And he talks of fight and defense in the past tense, looking in tears to the next stage--the "amnesty" promised under the Minsk deal by which Putin, Merkel and Putin sealed the fate of Donbass.

Donbass militia: "We have been betrayed. Defense lines are being liquidated. Military convoys are leaving at night."
Ополченка с позывным "Харя" пишет в личку: "Нас предали... Снимают посты... Каждый сантиметр этой земли полит русской кровью... Кто может, уезжает в Россию, но их предупреждают что их ждут какие то вечера украинской кухни в ресторане "Ветерок"... А что это? Никто не знает. Техника уходит караванами по ночам. Укры готовятся заходить и готовят для нас лагеря смерти... Новороссии больше нет :( Прощевате, таварищи!"

And here Plotnitsky confirms the death of his parents last week, previously alleged to be caused by "mushrooms".

New textbooks for Lugansk include Ukraine's state symbolism and the Ukrainian anthem:

And here is the original Maidan anti-Russian, fascist manifesto:

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