Friday, October 21, 2016

The EU is now giving to Putin its Nuland-like cookie: Sanctions for helping out against al Qaeda are deferred for now. Instead, the EU now brandishes with "all options" against Russia are now on the table, which is actually a notable, even dramatic escalation, though thinly veiled behind the deferment of the new sanctions. In a word, the West has Russia exactly where they wanted Russia to be after 25 years of faux "independence."

On Wednesday Putin consented to Poroshenko's and his allies (i.e. Germany and France) demand for the armed OSCE (NATO-proxy) force in Donbass and after he also issued a new demand on Damascus to change its constitution, as demanded by the US and al Qaeda proxies. Moreover, Merkel (Germany) has been entrusted and charged with developing the armed police OSCE force for the Russians in Donbass, , which is much like asking NATO to do it, and this too Putin praised very "positively."

On Thursday, on the very next day, the EU awarded Putin a cookie as a symbolic reward by not adding new sanctions on Russia over Russia's involvement in Syria (from the start coordinated with the US). In return, the EU introduced a new threatening language that says that for the EU now "ALL OPTIONS are not on the table." Well, in diplomatic language, "all options" traditionally don't mean just sanctions, but also use of force. Thus, while apparently backtracking on sanctions, the EU is now actually threatening Russia with war. It was this threat or fear that was initially also used to justify the introduction of Putin's so-called "clever" or "cunning plan" and the abandonment of Novorossiya to the fascists and the Minsk betrayals.

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