Sunday, October 16, 2016

Putinist Quislings Make Poetry Too: Mannerheim, Ivanov and the Gutter and Their Kremlin-Imposed Face Lift

Poetry in action, when on June 16 (6 days to the anniversary of the Nazi operation Barbarossa), Putin sent his then chief of staff Sergey Ivanov (whom Pamela Anderson made babble and bubble about tigers and turn all pink) to inaugurate the plaque to the fascist plague attacking the country and the people with great help of Marshall Mannerheim (Dugin: a great chance to reconcile Russia; with fascism? to fascism? genocide?), Ivanov (as seen here) spoke right next to a gutter, which also separated him from the rest of the Putinist quislings honoring the fascist commander in chief and enemy-invader. 

The symbolism of this act (as opposed to how the Kremlin wanted it to be scripted and branded unto the skins of the Russians' brains) thus reasserted its own will and mind. Also note that, in preparation for this dishonor to the whole country and their grandparents, the heroes of the Great Patriotic War and its victims, they had the strip of the building specially spruced up for this occasion--fixing up and painting only the strip around the plaque. Just as with Russia as a whole, after all the theft and corruption, there is only enough money for anti-Russian, anti-national PR (and what the oligarchs need for their own upkeep and pleasure), but hardly nothing to make up for the 10x reduction of Russia's portion of the world's GDP from 30 years ago to what it is now. 

So thanks to Mannerheim, the building of this Russian military academy was repainted only in a band of some two meters wide. Forget the rest. Also note that the quislings made Russian officers and soldiers march by or in front of Mannerheim, thus giving him honor and, by the same token, utterly disgracing themselves.


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