Thursday, October 20, 2016

Putin in Berlin on October 19. (Spoiler alert: he got there his new marching orders)

With the makeup of a faux genius and Botox of PR increasingly failing and falling off, the real Putin in Berlin came out more strongly than the formerly projected impersonator of a leader. Putin thus showed himself rather as a feeble, obsequious person, a local colonial, amoral administrator of rather fair intellectual and thinking abilities and vacuous character, ridden with anxiety and complexes and in much dependent on the strings-playing thumbs of his masters. What he already officially approved as a good idea back in April (the latest), he endorsed more fully again (though with a bit of initial denial disinformation)--namely deployment of "the armed OSCE police force," more plainly, a NATO proxy with OSCE logos, in Donbass. On the orders of his masters, he even again reiterated their demand, which he also had made (as if) his own before, namely that Syria's anti-imperialist and modestly socialist constitution overwhelmingly approved at a people's referendum in 2012 ought to changed in order please and placate the whims of Washington and takfiri al Qaeda and their proxies who have been waging a genocidal war on Syria since 2011.

If Putin started his presidency in 2000 telling Larry King of CNN with a self-content smile of a sociopath that the Kursk submarine just "sank."

Russia as a civilization and a country has been in the last 25 years or so (and 16 years under Putin) turned into an analogy of Kursk, of course, on a much bigger scale. In this regard, the economic policies, strategic use and appointments of the similar filtered sociopaths and shady characters in positions of power and management and also the Yeltsin Center have been some of the most effective torpedoes tearing through the once great ship called Russia and the USSR.

The course of Russia has been triangulated so that, if Putin began his presidency with the Kursk disaster and his "it sank" smiling bon mot, he might well end his journey with another "it sank" moment. For that is now already within the realm of the possible.

As recommended, this too is worth watching without sound. Putin's personality comes out nicely--in contrast with the Swiss leader side by side:

То, что звука нет, это спецон. Звук тут и не нужен - не важно о чём они говорят, важна мимика альфасамца, бегающие глазки и его дрожащие пальцы теребящие ручку, конверт и другие случайные предметы. Хотя, его просьба не проводить референдум в Новороссии ( за два дня до проведения) озвученная во время встречи, это как вишенка на торте.

В общем, это конечно ключевой момент для понимания "политики" РФ в Украинском вопросе.

"Буркхальтер милый мой Буркхальтер,
Вот он какой, такой простой..."

Look (and I recommend to watch it without a sound so that you can concentrate on the faces, body languages, and expressions) what was supposed to be Putin's "victory speech" after today's Duma elections.

Observe him and also pay attention to the people there, including the top officials of the regime standing behind Putin. Well, this does not look like a sincere, honest celebration of a victory at all. At times, there is a shadow passing over both Putin and Medvedev that looks to me like fear and apprehension.

Moreover, if I were to forget the occasion, then the posture of Putin here would remind me more of a person who just handed in his resignation or who is delivering a concession speech of a candidate who actually lost.

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