Thursday, October 13, 2016

CNN, whitewashing al Qaeda in Syria, while personifying Bergman's Apocalyptic Death

CNN from Syria: Anchor of al Qaeda and Death (with Clarissa Ward going for "the look")--creating an "art-effect" of mind programming through "news"

CNN tried and still tries to romanticize al Qaeda's war on Syria. In doing so, one of its iconic faces served to the masses is that of Clarissa Ward who, in that capacity, tried to match and imitate one another cultural icon in the West from several decades ago. That of Ingmar Bergman's Seventh Seal (evokes the Apocalypse).

CNN (Clarissa Ward): Jihadist Qaeda in Syria has emerged "as heroes alongside with doctors":
Clarissa Ward: al-Qaeda has emerged as heroes in Syria: "I wrote down Apocalyptic landscape and it was not a metaphor ..."

Clarissa Ward, the Messenger and Persona of Apocalypse, this is "actually Hell" where no one and nothing can be trusted, she says (her included):

Bergman: “The final scene when Death dances off with the travelers was, as I said, shot at Hovs Hallar. We had packed up for the day because of an approaching storm. Suddenly, I caught sight of a strange cloud. [Cinematographer] Gunnar Fischer hastily set the camera back into place. Several of the actors had already returned to where we were staying, so a few grips and a couple of tourists danced in their place, having no idea what it was all about. The image later became famous of the Dance of Death beneath the dark cloud."

Also note that in this (fore)casting of the shadow, it is Death that is the Grand Chess Master (not Putin, the Petit).

CNN's Clarissa Ward spent some time embedded with #FSA's Division 13, CIA partners in #Syria

For more on this please follow excellent reporting of Mary Shabbiha Woodward

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