Sunday, October 2, 2016

Casting a new look on MH 17: And if the Soviet/Russian leadership conpire in the surrender and destruction of the Soviet Union and the ensuing deindustrialization, plunder, pauperization, hollowing-up and colonization of Russia, could it also be an accomplice or an acquiscient Empire's agent in what happened to Ukraine and in the MH-17 special operation?

The allegations against Russia and its armed forces over MH 17, as recently presented by the Dutch-led team (this last Wednesday), include an added weight of intercepted cellphone conversations of the officer who was apparently engaged in a strange exercise of bring a sole carrier of BUK missiles from the BUK system (normally up to vehicles) to Snezhnoye on July 17 and then immediately back to Russia on the same night: 
Moreover, I myself noticed--a month or so prior to the new Dutch report--that some Russian bloggers with Donbass connections did begin allowing for/admitting existence of a lonely BUK carrier. A review of the twitter on the Russian social media would also show that, as we speak, new "theories" have begun appearing and growing on the Russian speaking social media, which 1) do accept presence of this BUK carrier and 2) offer various explanations, i.e. conspiracy theories, why this BUK was set up, used, deployed, or what role it played in the special, possibly false flag operation, with a knowing or partially knowing participation, collaboration, acquiescence, or conniving on the part of a part of the Russian command and the Russian comprador oligarchy (some examples of the new shift in the Russian social media buzz:;; Chervonec (viz the last link says that there is a 80% chance or probability that that a Russian BUK in Donbass did exist and that the West "caught the Russians with their pants down":

1) 80 % Российский Бук был. Но русских застали со спущенными штанами. Россияне ввели установку в ЛНР, но самолет сбивал украинский Бук. А русским пришлось тикать тихонько, потому что доказать в такой обстановке, что это не они, было бы невозможно Понятное дело, если сбивала Украина, то это могло быть только предумышленно. Авиация ополчения на 10-ти километровой высоте не летала.

2) 20 % Все таки произошла ошибка и борт сбила российская установка. Понятно, что ни о какой преднамеренности сбития именно гражданского борта не было.

3) 0,1 % Ополченцы собрали работоспособный комплекс (это несколько единиц - радар, установка...) и сколотили экипаж

Почему первый вариант (дело рук хунты) 80%?"

While presence of Russian BUK in Donbass appears to be emerging, this apparent presence and the downing of MH-17 is, in my opinion, not self-evident. In fact, I do find compelling what others too have been noting --for example Greg Galloway (, the same Andrew Chervonec: or Max van der Werff (

Especially relevant among the host of materials is, for example, this:

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