Sunday, October 23, 2016

Strategies, clever games, and even political theories areimportant. But the bottom line is and always has been this: Which sides takes better care of its people and is more honorable in this?

One of the things which an awakened mind might need to meditate on and ponder about is this: The killing of the best and best known commanders of Novorossiya started off with the killing of Bednov ("Batman") openly by the crew of Plotnitsky, the Lugansk signatory of the Minsk deals. On the other hand, the Kiev regime gave its better known ATO commanders seats in the Parliament of the land. In addition, the Donbass veterans have no status and no official recognition in Russia and they (and their families) receive no social or other support, while Russian state banks continue financing ATO in Ukraine and help the ATO veterans with special financing and credits. 
Why is this important and telling? Because, as in the Cold War, when all is said and done, the side which treats and honors its people better than the other side is more likely to win.

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