Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Paul Craig Roberts: Putin Has Walked Right into Washington's Trap (and did so under the applause of his believers and cheer leaders)

There is a huge cost that Putin and Russia paid and pays for listening to the Putin-worshipping (anti-)Atlanticists and both the US and Kremlin's dis-informers who served and serve Russia's re-proletarization (pauperization) and colonization, while extolling Putin's faux genius and personality cult. The Atlanticis and the Putinists, both the US (whether Washington's or "anti-globalists, anti-NWO") and the Russian ones, have to share the blame. They served and continue to serve the neo-conservative agenda. With Putin or Putin's image (both an icon and cartoon), "Russia walked straight into Washington's trap" (PCR).

Conflicts and wars were never meant to be won by the dumber and the more corrupt side.

Paul Craig Roberts writes: "This is the huge cost that Putin paid for listening to the unrealistic, American-worshipping Atlanticist Integrationists who are determined that Russia be accepted by the West even if it means being a semi-vassal. If there is nuclear war, the Russian Atlanticist Integrationists will share the blame with the American neoconservatives. And all of us will pay the price for the disaster produced by these few, the neoconservatives demanding war and the Atlanticist Integrationists demanding appeasement of Washington."

Michael Green noted: "It should be noted that in a recent article (The US: A Dead Nation Walking), PCR made a compelling case that Putin didn't just "listen" to the "American-worshipping Atlanticist Integrationists", but that he is one."

Paul Craig Roberts also adds this "... pressured by the Atlanticist Integrationist element in the Russian elite, the Russian government withdrew, announcing mission accomplished and relying on the Syrian Army to complete the job. This strategic error [didn't I say it right way as it happened? oh, yes, I did] allowed Washington not merely to replenish the ISIS munitions that had been destroyed and to muster more mercenaries, but more importantly to come up with a plan for Russia’s and Assad’s undoing.
By the time that the Russian government realized that early withdrawal was a mistake and re-entered the conflict, Washington had decided that if Damascus could not be «liberated», Syria could be partitioned and pressure kept on Assad in that way. Yet the Russian government continued to postpone victory by cease fire agreements that Washington used to rearm ISIS and as propaganda weapons against Russia."

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  1. If Putin really is an Atlanticist integrationist, rather than just the coward I had thought he was, it explains why he has betrayed, and continues ever more aggressively to betray, Novorossiya.