Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Empire, Compassion, Charity as a Photo Opportunity and Selfies with al Qaeda--New "Heroes" of the Western Media's Beautiful Faces or Repackaging the Apocalypse by the "Networks You Can Trust"

Compassion and charity of the Empire always finds itself a good photo opportunity. But the zombified masses, "the Last Men," hardly even blink even though it is very similar to a case where Hollywood stars and celebrities would have posed with inmates in Nazi concentration camps or tried to convey back to the US "human interest" interests filled with deep, erotic sympathies in interviews and selfies with the wards of the same concentration camps or the officers of SS.

That's how the West has tried to frame the war on Syria via the al Qaeda and ISIS proxies and on other places where the Empire has been casting al Qaeda as "moderate revolutionaries" and "defenders of the people."


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