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In Minsk 1 and 2 Putin agreed and pledged to return Donbass to Ukraine's anti-Russian, Banderist government. But neither for the US nor for Kiev, getting Donbass back is a priority at this moment. The main thing is to get Putin to hand Kuril Islands over to Japan. Perfectly in line with the old STRATFOR's "prophecy." Donbass can wait. Oligarchic mismanagement works for Russia's enemies very well.

Update:  In Minsk 1 and 2 Putin agreed and pledged to return Donbass to Ukraine's anti-Russian, Banderist government. But everything now indicates that Kiev will agree to taking over Donbass and to its Nazification like the rest of Ukraine only if Russia also pays large reparations or "compensations." And these appear to have been already paid on the ongoing basis at least partially--as I reported in one of my recent FB posts, Russian state banks gave Ukraine in the last two years additional $6 billion--formally as loans, but loans on which they have already lost hundred of millions of dollars--officially--and thus having written much of it as losses. Otherwise, the logic of Minsk 1 and 2 guaranteed by Putin personally consists in its nutshell in this: the fascists or their regime in Kiev will formally declare that Donbass (a part of it) is somewhat "special," upon which Putin will eventually hand over Donbass and the Russians who resisted the Banderites over into the hands of the fascists. If this looks like cunning or logic, it is only because this is quisling cunning and logic.

Japan and Putin's government have been working hard on how to surrender Kuril Islands to Japan and how to sell the deal in the best possible way to the Russians many of whom still trust in Putin's patriotism and his geopolitical genius. Sources with the Japanese government, as dutifully reported by RT, have just unveiled the formula that has been conceived and pursued since last May in preparation of the public for Putin's forthcoming visit to Japan on December 15, and it accords with some of the very statements made by Putin himself on the subject.

1) The ingenious idea, which does not overtax the perceived genius of the people subjected to it, would declare (as Putin himself already said in much the same way) that the surrender of Kuril Islands would be as a "tie" in sports when no one loses and no one wins, except for Japan getting hold of Kuril Islands. In this way, Putin would successfully fight the Soviet Union's victory in World War II and Japan's defeat to a new "tie" 70 years later on behalf of the new Russia of Chubais, Surkov, Gref, Rotenberg and Putin.
2) After repackaging the surrender as a "tie," Japan and Putin's government would then explain that the "tie" will be a "common, joint management" of Kuril Islands or some of its parts. Presumably, joining Japanese management with Putinist gross mismanagement and Japan's industrial, technological and financial might with Putin's prosperity where you can "buy" Ph.D. teachers at a price of a common poor retiree or for about $100 a month.
3) This character of such a deal and the fact of Putin's government even negotiating with Japan on these terms and in this way tells a student of the history of diplomacy, international relations and war one thing as well: the format smacks of the old colonial times "agreements" to "leases," preferences and expansions in which one side is a colony and the other a colonizer, which was and is also tantamount to a relationship between the vanquished and the conqueror.
4) In this regard, I do know that a new shift is being observed in Russia. The awareness of the crisis, betrayals, systemic degradation, and plunge toward an abyss has begun catching up with the Russians and breaking through the previous layers of denials and propaganda. Facing the truth is harder than making and believing in pictures of Putin riding or flying various animals on land or in the air as a superhero or even as the world's savior with a clever plan full of amazing tricks announced every day on various websites.
5) If "common management" of Kuril Islands is in the cards and in the future of (collapsing) Russia, then there might be no insurmountable or necessary barriers to extending this Putin's (let's pretend that it is his) ingenuous plan and idea of "common management" with US proxies and allies eventually to the rest and whole of Russia itself. In fact, if most Russians now have to try to live on $100 or less a month, any other "management", unless it is adamantly fascist and even more anti-Russian, might be able to afford to pay the Russians more and better than that.

PS: Also reported: Japan hopes to win Kuril Islands due to 1) the Japanese leader's "warm rapport with Putin", 2) the deep crisis of Russia and 3) the supposed jointly shared concern over China (

More and more maps of Kuril Islands in English have already switched their designation from Russia to "disputed" and from "disputed" to "occupied." Few more year and the designation "occupied," already also applied in the West to Crimea, might start being applying to other parts of Russia as well. The defeat of the USSR in the Cold War is assuming a character of a long historical implosion the destructive waves of which are producing now their deeper cumulative impact.

Источники: Япония предложит России совместно управлять южными Курилами
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17 октября 2016, 03:32

Японское правительство может предложить России совместно управлять южными островами Курильской гряды в качестве шага к окончательному разрешению территориального вопроса в отношениях двух стран.

Подобное предложение является частью «нового подхода» премьер-министра Синдхо Абэ, который японский политик предложил в мае Владимиру Путину, сообщает газета Nikkei со ссылкой на источники в правительстве страны.

Токио рассматривает подобное предложение как компромисс, который удовлетворит желание России разрешить вопрос южных Курил на основе «ничьи», сообщает газета со ссылкой на источники, близкие к Абэ.

По данным издания, что существует несколько вариантов совместного управления островами. Один из них — передача Японии островов Шикотан и Хабомаи и создание системы совместного управления на островах Кунашир и Итуруп. Возможно также установление кондоминиума в отношении Шикотана, Хабомаи и Кунашире при оставлении Итурупа полностью под российским контролем. Ещё один вариант — установление режима совместного управления России и Японии над всеми южными Курилами.

Установление режима совместного управления, которое будет сопровождаться режимом свободных поездок и свободной экономической деятельности на островах, призвано ускорить переговоры об окончательном заключении мирного договора между Москвой и Токио.

Отмечается, что японская сторона намерена проработать свои инициативы в ходе подготовки и осуществления намеченного 15 декабря визита в Японию президента России Владимира Путина.

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