Monday, January 26, 2015

The Ukrainian Army degraded and dishonored itself as a NATO, anti-Russian expeditionary force

Putin's terse statement of the day: "The Ukrainian Army is a NATO legion that does not pursue national interests."

The Kiev junta and its security apparatus have been a US and NATO proxy from its very conception--conceived from the beginning as a instrument of war by proxy. Furthermore, the Kiev junta and its forces have also been set and designed as an agent of Nazification of Ukraine and from there elsewhere. And Nazification means war, terror, and genocide.

Recognizing "sovereignty," "integrity," and rights of such a Nazi, Banderite proxy, a monster and beast, and "partnership" with it was never a sensible way of how to resist and fight this threat.

Almost 7 million Ukrainians died in World War II at the hands of Nazism on the side of which were Bandera's followers who acted as ardent and radical co-perpetrators of the genocide and ethnic cleansing against the Russians, the Poles, and the Jews. The Kiev junta is an avowed heir to the Banderite ideology and program.

Acknowledging and correctly identifying the true political character of the conflict by Moscow would be thus a significant advance.

By definition, there is no "party of peace" on the part of the Ukrainian Banderites bent on Nazifying and de-Russification of Ukraine.

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