Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Russian Duma Deputy Treats US Hawks and Russophobes, His Hosts, to a PowerPoint on how to Overthrow Violently His Own Government

Thanks to Mark Sleboda for this news alert.

Liberal opposition figure and Russian Duma deputy Ilya Ponomarev spoke today in the US on the invitation of CSIS, a Washington-funded think tank. Ponomarev actually presented a PowerPoint presentation on how to overthrow (possibly violently) the Russian government! And judging from his PowerPoint, he and his sponsors believe they can do it in six simple steps.

Ilya Ponomarev was a key speaker an event organized by the CSIS (Center for Strategic & International Studies), which is a prominent US govt funded think-tank in Washington DC made of "who's who among the neocons, former politicians, and foreign policy heavyweights including everyone from Brzezinski and Kissinger, to Sam Nunn and Richard Armitage, to William Cohen and Brent Scrowcroft," as Sleboda put it.

Ponomarev is the sitting Russian State Duma Deputy and something, which, in Russia, goes under the name of a "liberal opposition figure." 
Here is a collection of Rothrock's revealing livetweets:
Kevin Rothrock's Twitter page

So let's look at Ponomarev's how-to-do list or how-to-overthrow-with-violence-and-US-funds-my-government points:

1. The very first point dispels any illusions that the regime changers and conspirators, including Ponomarev, would rely on spontaneity and any genuine people's will. The violent overthrow must be organized. The violence must be organized. No naivety here. Did the CIA help him make the Power Point?
2. The second point basically tells right into your face that a lie about some great shiny future is a must (as was the case at the Maidan--Yatsenyuk's five-fold increase of incomes and a chance to migrate immediately to Western Europe without visas). Message: First we lie, then we take from the people their government, and then ... well, we will screw you, suckers!
3. For overthrowing the Russian government, some PR phony face or persona is needed. Someone likable. A likeable puppet. In Ukraine, Poroshenko, even whose name evokes one domestic animal, had to suffice. History teaches that the US choice is in this regard limited to a likeable moron or a likeable crook, which the clear preference for the latter.
4. Ponomarev's fourth point (is he still a Russian deputy?) basically that any such a "revolution" or regime change requires money. There is nothing new here. But the confession is notable and worth putting on record. Ponomarev  then must have also been asking for money.
5. The fifth point confirms that, for the makers of these faux revolutions, the key agent is and remains the comprador elite, that is to say, not the people. Alternatively put, a division in the elite and hiring the corruptible, corrupted, and prostituting wing is a must. This is also what took place in the 1980s and 1990s during the collapse of communism--the elite's spine, character, and sell price collapsed first.
6. The last point is the one, which, in practice or, to be more precise, during the implementation phase, comes first, although otherwise it is, indeed, the last one. Ponomarev's "trigger event" is also known as a false flag attack or provocation or a staged provocation.

So  here you have it. After Ponomarev had the guts to stand by such an illuminating PowerPoint presentation on how to overthrow violently one's own government in the interest of a foreign power, he should also be invited in the most cordial way among some of the real Russians, for example, to a meeting with actual Russian patriots at some factory in Rostov or in Samara. If Ponomarev manages to explain himself, he would deserve do on superman's tights.

Is Ponomarev's PowerPoint briefing a sign that the West is so confident that 1) it has already bought, hired and secured a good part of Russia's political and economic oligarchic elite and 2) that the regime change, that is, its "trigger event" alias "a false flag" provocation is just around the corner?

Is or was Ponomarev's and other plotter's immunity part of the Minsk Deal and its "blanket immunity" promise?

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