Friday, January 23, 2015

Did Moscow just wake up at last--after so many months--to the fact that Poroshenko is no "man of peace," but the US-picked puppet, anti-Russian-crusader and Banderite-in-chief?

It seems that President Putin and Moscow has come to understand and realize at last, finally, that pretending and claiming that Poroshenko is "for peace" against his own "party of war" is and was undignified, dishonest, and politically shortsighted and perversely counter-productive. But it was done  for the sake of the "Minsk one-united Ukraine-under-the-junta's-partners spirit." To this effect, Poroshenko was hailed as a "partner" who is in need of Moscow's compliment, support and praise. This continued till very recently when Lavrov, Pushilin and others continued to excuse Poroshenko and his responsibility by claiming without any proof that what the Ukrainian army is doing to the cities of Donbass was supposedly because they did not listen to Poroshenko and did not follow his orders, when the opposite was true.

So now at last, this is what Putin declared today, indicating a new understanding in the Kremlin, but the change does not yet include the explicit mention of Poroshenko's name:

"Speaking at a meeting with the permanent members of the Security Council, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the responsibility for the worsening situation in the Donbas is on those who give "criminal orders" to use artillery and aviation to populated areas.
The head of the Russian Federation noted that the artillery, multiple rocket launchers and aircraft are used indiscriminately directly on densely populated areas.
"And all this is accompanied by propaganda slogans of the quest for peace and the search for those responsible. Responsible those who give such criminal orders ", - said Putin.
He also added that Russia has not only received a clear answer to the proposal of Kiev to withdraw heavy weapons from the line of demarcation, but also saw the reverse action.
"It was given to Kiev government official order to start large-scale fighting almost the entire perimeter of contact between the warring parties" - reports "Interfax" the words of the President of Russia."

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