Tuesday, January 27, 2015

On Today's Declaration of Russia "State-Aggressor" by Ukraine's Parliament

Boris Rozhin's statement on today's declaration of Russia "the state-aggressor" by Ukraine's Verkhovna Rada: "The circle has been completed in a way. In the Spring, the Kremlin practically recognized the coup d'etat in Ukraine and took part in the legitimization of Poroshenko and the ruling junta. Several months later, these people recognized the Russian Federation as the state aggressor. On orders of their masters, of course."

The declaration of another state an aggressor against one's own state used to be concomitant with a declaration of war, which today's declaration seems to be fall short off simply by not fully spelling out the implied meaning. This means several things: 1) talking about any "partnership" with the Kiev government or Poroshenko, as Moscow used not that a long time ago, in this situation is now totally out of place and insensible; 2) the limited flexibility and ambiguity, which this declaration still leaves (seemingly just an inch from a declaration of war) is clearly to put a great pressure on Russia; 3) the fact that Surkov made the referendum question somewhat poorly worded, that Russia has not recognized Novorossiya even as a national liberation movement yet, that Russia did not recognize the referendum in Donbass as an expression of the will of the people, that it did not recognize the DPR and LPR authorities as exercising effective and real control over their territories, that Russia did recognize the legitimacy of Poroshenko and the junta's "elections," that Russia continued to stress not only validity, but also primacy of Ukraine's sovereignty and integrity as the one valid principle at the cost of failing to recognize the terrorist, Banderite, Nazi, anti-national nature of the regime, etc. is now exposing Moscow's hitherto policy and "cunning plan" as politically, legalistically, and principally (with respect to espoused or brushed aside principles) as unduly weakened, unprepared, and counterproductive ( I prefer to use here as neutral language as possible); 4) normally or traditionally, such a declaration would be forcing the hand of the head of the state to declare war and would it make it unavoidable; in this case, I do believe that the West and Kiev are still trying to "persuade" by the greatest possible intimidation Moscow into surrender; however, since this declaration was made, it does increase the danger of the open state of war with Russia; 5) on the other hand, the fact remains that both Poroshenko, the "best chance" for Ukraine, and Yatsenyuk openly called Russia "an aggressor" who "attacked," "invaded" and "occupied" a part of Ukraine in their speeches a number of times already; 6) the first reaction of the Russian government was to dismiss the declaration of the Ukrainian Parliament as "nonsense;" the problem is that part of state sovereignty, which the Russian government kept recognizing on part of Ukraine, is to make declarations and decisions of this kind, of supposed "nonsense." Only very recently, the Russian government started stating the other fact--that the Kiev junta is a proxy, a puppet, which, by definition, would make the appeal to "sovereignty" and "integrity" of the puppet mute. Furthermore, Ukraine also fits the definition of the so-called failed state, which, by definition, does not wield and does not deserve normal sovereign rights or a full status of a normal state. From April till now Moscow has been trying to forge an information milieu of appeasement on the terms of Donbass' reintegration into Ukraine, while neither the West nor the junta were hiding or even reducing their aggressiveness and hostility. In this situation, even provision of humanitarian assistance to Donbass was informationally defended rather weekly and half-heartedly.

Yes, the oft-repeated truism that generals are preparing for yesterday's war does hold a good deal of truth. But much the same thing can also be said of politicians. In some way, it is easier to live in what one knows and is used to, then in what one does not know or even tries to avoid. And, yes, there is some chance still that the declaration of the Ukrainian Parliament would be a nil and void resolution. However, the declaration is part of the expanding and escalating nature of the war in Ukraine itself where the stakes are high and profound. The conflict is serious and principal. Therefore, it is more likely that the declaration would be a marker  and a new "fact" and argument not only in the information war, but also a factor that contributes to change.

Novorosssiya started as a popular uprising. Yet Moscow technocrats, following the old habit, of which Putin confessed in his interview at the youth camp in the summer, used to be dealing just with the government and the ruling elite (clique). But the war is people's war for their own survival as people, and politicians need to elevate themselves to the level of the people,  which, here, indeed, means rising higher from the level of the narrow, technocratic post-Soviet elites and cliques. Addressing the people directly and honestly is what Strelkov was doing and continues to do. That's what Zakharchenko also started doing.  That's what Batman (Bednov) and Ischenko also knew how to do because, with them, it was natural.

Throughout this conflict, Moscow has been, however, notably evasive when it came to addressing itself honestly and directly 1) to the people of Ukraine, 2) to the people of Novorossiya (Donbass), 3) to the people of Russia about the plight and the meaning of the struggle of Novorossiya (where the Russians themselves have been far ahead of their leadership), and 4) to the people of the world with respect to what the conflict in Ukraine is truly about and what is there at stake.

Evasion, silence, and ambiguity has been the preferred (old) strategy. he problem is that this is not really a strategy, but an ersatz imitation of strategy holding an image in the place of the strategy's absence.

Today's declaration will either be a wake-up call or the other kind of the bell's sound.

"Круг своеобразно замкнулся - весной Кремль фактически признал произошедший на Украине государственный переворот и принял участие в легитимизации Порошенко и правящей хунты. Через несколько месяцев эти люди признали РФ страной-агрессором. С подачи своих хозяев, разумеется."

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