Thursday, January 22, 2015

The end of the Banderite "cyborgs" (fascist machine-Ubermensch) myth

Mark Sleboda wrote the following on the apparently long siege of the Donetsk airport: 

"Putin's Cyborgs
Let's be clear about this - whatever the offensive limitations of the NAF, the ONLY reason that the Kiev Putsch's "cyborgs" (mostly Right Sector fascist paramilitary) held on in Donetsk airport and were from there able to keep directing artillery fire from Pesky down on the people of Donetsk for 7+months, is certainly NOT because of some mythicized inhuman endurance and combat prowess, but because the Kremlin PREVENTED AND FORBID the NAF from taking it.
That is Putin - as a gesture of his limited intentions, goodwill, and his desire for a peaceful political settlement with the West that would preserve the territorial integrity of what remains of the Ukrainian state, PROTECTED the cyborgs from the NAF. They were even ALLOWED food and aid, rotating personnel in and out, weapons and ammunition resupply etc. They enjoyed those extra months of life and taking life, at his sufferance. His patience with their masters in Kiev, DC, and Brussels finally wore thin.
48 hours later the cyborgs were all fled, captured and being marched down the streets of Donetsk in chains to face their victims, or pushing up daisies in the rubble. The only pity is that Putin's patience didn't wear out sooner..that Putin is after all such a moderate, peaceful, pragmatic, and reasonable man."

I concur with Mark. I would further add the following, which, in part draws on Strelkov's latest TV interview, where Strelkov is summing up and analyzing the battle of the Donetsk airport:

The airport came under attack under May 26, then there was no serious attempt to take it. The battles for the airport started gradually and very cautiously only after the Minsk Agreement was signed on September 5 when it became clear that the Kiev junta does not have any intention to withdraw from the airport and Pesky as ought to do under the Minsk Agreement, under which the NAF withdrew its forces from around Mariupol, speaking of which, comparing these two maps, one can easily see what Novorossiya was made to give back under the Minsk Agreements and under Putin's demand; the maps also explain better what Putin was both telling and not telling when he later began saying that the Donetsk People's Republic refused to abandon only some "3-4 villages" because the militiamen had there their families and that he found it difficult to deal with such an argument. One map is from before the Minsk "Agreements" were imposed by the West and Russia on Novorossiya, the other is after:

The battle for the airport subsided again around the Ukrainian "elections" of October 26 (they were told to give Porosh a chance). Moreover, under the same Minsk "Ceasefire," the NAF had its hands tied behind its back and could not undertake any greater offensive action, which precluded attacks on Pesky and Avdeevka without neutralization of which, together with their artillery cover, liberating the airport became much harder and had to rely predominantly on step-by-step advance of the infantry.

Few days ago, some 18 wounded "cyborgs" were pulled out by Motorola and his Novorossiya militiamen from the debris at the Donetsk airport where they were left behind by their comrades among the dead.  As a bonus, Motorola is also playing on the clip below a recording made by an American Baptist priest, which was given on a sun-battery-powered cellphone to every "cyborg" whom they found buried in the new terminal. The recording was both in English and Russian, but not in Ukrainian. The recording based on neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) did not differ in its essence from what the ISIS terrorists are commonly being fed--they are promised "truth" and "salvation"--only if they obey their fascist orders. 

Here a commander of the cyborgs is led out unto the streets of Donetsk to face the victims subjected to the attack of Poroshenko's "Ubermenschen" (Supermannic) army.

Altogether, 44 "cyborgs" were captured by the Army of Novorossiya. 

The wounded "cyborgs" then went for free "repairs" to the physicians of Donetsk whom they tried to kill during all these months. In fact, the Ukrainian army under Poroshenko's orders is shelling Donetsk hospitals as well. Here is a picture of a Donetsk hospital shelled on January 19, 2015:

On January 22, the hitherto proud Banderite "cyborgs" met with the people of Donbass at the place where 13 (or 15) people died today in a trolleybus from a Ukrainian shell.
When coming face to face with the people whom they tried to kill, all they were able to say was: "We were deceived ... they were telling us other things."


Back in the old days, Poroshenko, the butcher-in-chief "I am Bandera," took part in the official opening of the Donetsk airport when it was built under Yanukovich just before the European soccer championship. At that time, Poroshenko was part of Yanukovich's team where he held the position of the minister of economic development and trade. Not recently he signed the "lustration" law, which prohibits state employment for Yanukovich's officials. In this photo from the official opening of the Donetsk airport, which he now destroyed with the help of his servile Banderite army, Poroshenko can be seen right of Yanukovich. 

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