Monday, January 26, 2015

Frau Angela Merkel has her own "cunning plan"

The West and Frau Angela Merkel have their own new "cunning plan" for Ukraine and Russia, which she reportedly presented at the World Economic Forum in Davos (I can imagine Russian oligarchs together with Gref and Chubais pleading on her behalf): If Russia FIRST abandons the people of Donbass and leave Ukraine to Nazification and terror by the junta, NATO's war proxy against Moscow, THEN, that is, only after that, Germany is promising to start TALKING about a possible "free trade" deal with Russia.

Merkel's offer is an offer of geopolitical defeat and self-betrayal in exchange for a much worthless promise of Germany to export or, more precisely, in exchange for promising merely to start TALKING about exporting more German industrial products and receiving Russian raw materials freed from Russia's protective measures.

As, with the reunification of Germany, the disbanding of the Warsaw Pact, the "solving" of the Kosovo war, the "agreement" with Yanukovich and the Minsk Deal, the West keeps trying to play the same old trick: first, you make a real, radical concession, which will win for us (the West) the war, and we promise to make some kind of concession in return AFTERWARDS (after you have thus lost) ... if the situation, which would radically change on the account of the first clause, were still to warrant to do and fulfill in any way at all what the West originally promised.

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