Sunday, January 25, 2015

Poroshenko, "I am Bandera" Chief of the Kiev Junta coming to Auschwitz and Czech Terezin

Poroshenko, "I am Bandera," the oligarch who is "in chief" of Nazification of Ukraine, for whom the liberation from Nazism was (Russian) occupation, will be coming on January 27 to the Czech Republic to commemorate the liberation of Auschwitz and the concentration camp of Terezin, Czech Republic, which was achieved by the Soviet Union and the Red Army, and with the liberator itself actively hated by Poroshenko and disrespected by the West and its present Czech political vassals (with some exception granted to Zeman and Klaus). The US and its vassals are thus trying to turn even the Holocaust and the liberation by the Soviet Union into an event of staged "Western" solidarity with the murderous Kiev regime and its bastard, bandit Banderism, a local bastard form of Nazism. This almost calls for an uprising.
A Nazi oligarch is coming to the Czech Republic trying to sanctify himself and the new Drang nach Osten with ashes of the victims of Nazism. My dear Czechs, this is both a chance and challenge for you to show how much dignity and worth as human beings you still have.

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