Thursday, January 22, 2015

For the last 25 years, the Empire tries hard to wipe out the cultural existence of the Czechs as a nation "down to the bottom," as it did to Ukraine

For the last 25 years, the Czechs like other liberated or newly conquered people have been subjected to a systematic brainwashing, brain-rewire, soul-devouring and dehumanization program set by US and other Western intelligence agencies, think tanks, PR companies, advertisers, and NGOs with the evident objective to achieve, fix, and deepen cultural degeneration, vulgarization, primitivization, in a word, cultural and existential genocide of the whole people, which seemed to be modeled on the deculturing, genocidal experiments with the American Natives on the reservations. The efforts are real and also massive, and their deadly results are already full in front of our eyes in Ukraine.

A tell-tale illustration of this systemic policy of cultural and moral genocide is the advertisement given to the Czechs back in 2010, which became very popular and was also readily consumed.

The video became viral, and only this copy has recorded over 800,000 views.

The brains behind this video evidently thought that the overall political and cultural level of the Czechs has sufficiently degenerated and that such and further degeneration is what is required.

The video warns against voting for the left. The hired actors identify the old people as the greatest problem in this regard for they claim that only the old (the senile) vote for the left. They vote for the left because they "have selected memory"--which is accompanied with a cartoon of an X-ray photo of Homer Simpson, showing no brain. According to the video, pensions for the old people ought to be "reformed" (read: reduced), otherwise there will be no money for them. Quality of education will be raised if students are to pay more for it. The communists made the best Czechs leave the country. The best Czechs are Milos Forman (the Amadeus movie, Martina Navratilova, and vagina/kunda/Kundera--at 1:25).

According to the actors (the intelligence agency went almost all "Freudian" on the poor Czechs, the "nation of musicians and poets," here), the right is symbolized with the right hand used for greeting people through handshake; the left is represented by the left hand used, according to the clip, for wiping one's ass, "which is what the left is going to do to you if you vote for them."

If people do what they are told in this video--vote for the right, they will be given a treat (the end of the clip)--in the form of a link to a free "animal-anal-porno" with a female deputy from the Italian parliament. The video gathered over 800,000 views.

The video is an excellent example of attempted brainwashing of a whole nation through psy-operations like this one where several prompts, scripts, and associations are being deployed. The immediate objective is to affect voters' preferences and choices, at a deeper level, further cognitive primitivization and immoralization of the whole people is sought. Alas, with detectable and observable success.

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