Thursday, January 22, 2015

For the first time since the last summer, Igor Strelkov appears on one of the central Russian TV channels

This TV interview of Igor Strelkov for RBK marks the first time since his departure from the Donetsk People's Republic on August 14, 2014 when Strelkov is presented on one of the central Russian TV channels.

After his departure, the central/main Russian media did not even dare to mention even his name for several months. The de facto ban on Strelkov was clearly part of the Minsk "agreement."

In fact, in this RBK interview, Strelkov is  asked point-blank what he thinks about the Minsk Agreements. Strelkov responds that, from the strictly military point of view, the Minsk Agreements were beneficial only to the Kiev junta for they saved its army from total defeat and allowed the junta to regroup, rearm, retrain, redeploy, and strengthen its forces. At the same time, the junta never bothered to conceal the fact that its goal is the pursuit of war and that the ceasefire was for it only a temporary, necessary measure.

Furthermore (against Starikov who now suddenly sees the people of Donbass as courageous, after he argued for months that Russia should not assist them because they did not rise from the "couches" in any significant numbers ... unlike the people of Crimea), Strelkov also argues here that Russia should help Novorossiya as much as she can in order to bring this war to its end as soon as possible. This means decisively and quickly defeating the enemy. This is what any sound policy and any sound military art requires. The West, however, wants a long and very bloody war of the Slavs against the Slavs, but it also wants Ukraine to fight Russia and for that too is needed further time and mobilization. Thus, the West and its pipers (together with the fifth column) continue to argue both against Russia and on behalf of Russia to assist Novorossiya either not at all (see the demands under the Minsk Agreements) or as little as possible and the least effectively.

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