Thursday, January 8, 2015

Novorossiya, "a false start" in Putin's clever plan or the only road to victory?

Boris Rozhin wrote an extensive response to Alexander Boroday, a Moscow's "political crisis manager," who, in a recent TV interview, called Novorossiya " false start" and "a dream which has not materialized in life." Boroday's statement comes here at 29:30

In his response, Rozhin traces the evolution of Moscow's strategy and goals and their gradual downsizing from "Great Novorossiya" to "Small Novorossiya" down to "another Transdnietsria" and from there to "Donbass is Ukraine." As Rozhin correctly says it was the idea of Novorossiya for which the people have been fighting and dying, and it is also the Novorossiya program which alone is a viable strategy: "The idea of Novorossiya is what gives life and strength to Russian politics in Ukraine and, without this idea, to talk about  any influence on Ukrainian processes in the current conditions is pointless."

"Идея Новороссии, это то, что придавало динамики и силы российской политике на Украины и без этой идеи говорить о каком-либо влиянии на украинские процессы в нынешнем раскладе не приходится. Поэтому если не брать в расчет варианты полной капитуляции Кремля, то идея Новороссии будет неизбежно востребована в ходе продолжающейся холодной войны с США за Украину."

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