Sunday, January 25, 2015

An instructive piece of Western anti-Russian Propaganda Served on Sunday (if you are up to it)

If you want to get a taste of Western anti-Russian propaganda (and its intelligence) and if you have not just had a good Sunday meal, to good to be spoiled, you can read this new AFP piece which claims that standing for Russia, Russia's interests (and Putin) requires from the Russians that they "eat less, use beetroot instead of lipstick, swap French lingerie for Russian-made cotton panties ..."

The meme and lie that "Putin wants its people to eat less" is repeated in the article six times (clearly that's what AFP wants the properly brainwashed reader living in corporate "freedom" to remember and take home): "Eat less ... the first president for whom I am being asked to eat less ... an elderly woman told him she could no longer afford sugar for her disabled son. His advice to her? Eat less. ... 'we survived hunger and cold, we have to think about our health and eat less,' said the deputy ... 'Eat less for Putin' ... 'in this country, eat less food, use less electricity,' First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov [a liberal fifth columnist invited to Davos just to say this?] told Davos elites at the World Economic forum."

The last "punch line" of the article (meant to reinforce and sum up the intended mind-programming prompt for the uncritical, numb and dumb mind) then says: "I absolutely don't trust our corrupt authorities," said Yulia Galich, 43. "And since there's no trust, there's no desire to endure this. For whom?"

The message of Western propaganda is to the Russians is: have no desire to resist, no desire to endure, don't believe in yourself; sell yourself for the fear of losing your lipstick and your lingerie and the extra kolbasa; don't stand for Russia and Russia's national interest; stand for a lipstick, French lingerie, and the dream of American obesity, which was so well administered in the US to the lower class by corporations like Coke and Pepsi and all the food, i.e. fast food, filled with addictive additives and corn sugar. And "for whom" should you stand up? Not for yourself! Stand for the lipstick and the toxic McDonald hamburger ... and sell yourself and your country for as much!

In addition, the AFP prime example of Western propaganda also serves you with an added bonus--with one of those Russian sellouts (every nation has them)--Anna Smolchenko whose name is used to authorize and "authenticate" the article.

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