Sunday, April 9, 2017

The fabulous world of the political economy of the Russian anti-communist mafia under Putin

The inner geopolitical, moral and strategic torments and dilemma of the Kremlin mafia and the Putinist circles in the aftermath of the defeat of the Soviet Union by its Trockyist crypto-fascists and revisionist opportunists:

Just discovered the secret anthem of Putinist oligarchy--Russia's comprador resource colony:

"I am a slave"

Kudrin and Gref, Putin's old strategists/handlers, are now in charge of how to reform (post-Putin) Russia:

ПрекрасноеДалеко @prekrasnoe20161Реформаторы. Сколько лет Греф и Кудрин реформируют, да никак не "выреформируют" результат. На очереди реформа госуправления.
"Democracy is where every idiot has a say in everything. In USSR since Khrushchev select idiots made that right their exclusive monopoly. In Putin's Russia, mafia idiots own it all and turned their head into a sacrament."

With help of PR technologies Russian comprador oligarchy managed to transfer the persona of one's "best imaginary friend" from God on Putin.
ТОR on Twitter“путенизьм неизлечим…

Medvedev/Putin gave Gorbachev an Order of St. Andrew (2011), the highest state decoration of Russia for "his work during USSR leadership."

On 4 May 1992, Gorbachev was awarded the first ever Ronald Reagan Freedom Award. The USSR was dissolved barely six months prior to that.

D. Medvedev is a genius. He forbid import of Italian cheese to "punish" the West and bought a farm in Italy to help Italy make them.

Россияне отказываются пить «Путинку»
Товарным знаком «Путинка» владеет компания «Реал-Инвест». Она связана не только со структурами Аркадия Ротенберга, но и с виолончелистом Сергеем Ролдугиным. Они оба считаются близкими друзьями Владимира Путина.

Putinka, the vodka, was introduced around 2003, it is made by Putin's former gym and mafia buddy and billionaire oligarch Rotenberg. Rotenberg is also collecting/farmin the Putin/Shamalov/Rotenberg/Plato toll on all the Russian roads from truckers, is building the bridge to Crimea, which has already increased four times in price from the initial 25 billion rubles to 200 billion rubles, is also publishing most (anti-communist) school textbooks and doing other things as a business partner of his mafia buddy Putin.

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