Friday, April 7, 2017

A Czech poet's coverage of D. Trump's strike on Syria on the basis of al Qaeda-staged casus belli

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Erdogan, Putin's new great friend (according to Putin's sect), declared that the US strike against Syria was not sufficient.
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Kremlin responded to Trump's attack on Syria by suspending a mutual "flight safety" protocol that turned Syrian...
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The US has reacted to Russian face-saving disinfo quickly spread by the Putinist assets on the social media.
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Lavrov: Putinist diplomacy is a mutually "gentle applying of pressure" among the partners "нежной позиции давления!"
ИГОРЬ СТРЕЛКОВ: Трамп сделал свой "ход". Трамп сделал свой "ход". 59 крылатых ракет морского базирования...
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CNN "journalist" who has been sexing up al Qaeda for the US audience: al Qaeda has now warmly embraced Trump and...
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Putinists are saving the day again: Trump's attack on Syria is exactly what Putin wanted Trump to do! Putin always wins!
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Doubt will take a military action against in . That will screw his plans with & if he has them at all
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Pictures from the Syrian airbase after Trump's attack.
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El Murid: The Russian claim that only 23 US missiles out of 59 made it to their targets is just attempted...
Those who support the air strikes; - Chuck Schumer - Nancy Pelosi - John McCain - Lindsey Graham - Mainstream media - Neo-cons - ISIS
Эксперты предсказали сокращение числа больниц в России до уровня 1913 года
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Airport supplied in palmyra, north to E Hama & S to qariyatein. It is also used to supply troops fighting in
These are soliders who were killed in the U.S strikes on Shayrat airbase, where they have been fighting for years.
CNN's just now: "There is a danger that we have just acted as ISIS' airforce." A reminder of how complex Syrian war is.
Когда вскрывается блеф и пустота, начинается несмываемый позор.
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The radius of Russia's S-400s-looks like a skirt lifted by what Putin called "the best intheworld worker with lowered social responsibility"
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El Murid: Among the casualties of the US strike on Syria is a Syrian brigadier general. Also serious losses...
Oh, no, we are not doing for al Qaeda! We are doing it for the children, which al Qaeda cynically used as props and actors in their videos!"
Russian Pentagon: By attacking Syria, the US violated above all our common rules of flight safety! Oh, mine!
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Do you also mean US training, arming al Qaeda brigades--the terrorists par excellence?
Gute Nacht! Laku noc! Dobrou noc!
The US new uncompromising, unilateral approach to Syria also spells and indicates what to expect for Donbass, Crimea, etc.
The oligarchic system is hurling Russia into a deep and long crisis the acute phase of which began in 2013. At this point irreversible.
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Daily Mail: The US supposedly informed Russia about the attack half an hour before it happened. I think Russia knew of the decision earlier
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One of the last things Putin took upon himself to do: to clean up Russia's state archives.
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Not really.More likely: Trump: Is Assad your guy? Putin: Assad? No, he is not with us. In fact I barely know him and I never even liked him
и ведь даже не пытались защитить даже своих военных Это день великого позора который обернется великой бедой
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Trump's strike on Syria was not insignificant (some 15 planes destroyed so far). Moreover, it also reset regime change as the goal.
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The Syrian Air Force is not that large to begin with. The strike was not insignificant. Moreover, it also reset regime change as the goal
Do you remember the (many) times when Putinists were adamant that Putin's moves in Syria en lieu of Ukraine spelled defeat of US game?
Putin & Russia are now way past of even making a show of force as back in September of 2013.Even Russia's own crisis is now without a wayout
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Putin & Russia are now way past of even making a show of force as back in September of 2013.In fact,Russia's own crisis is without a way-out
Vladimir Suchan Retweeted Nova Shpakova
D.Trump's message: All civilized warmongers and victims of al Qaeda videos please join me!
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Many Syrian ‘rebels’ are radical Jihadis. Not our friends & supporting them doesn't serve our national interest. Stay out of Syria!
What I am saying is stay out of Syria.
President Obama, do not attack Syria. There is no upside and tremendous downside. Save your "powder" for another (and more important) day!
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Meanwhile, Putin ordered an exercise in fending off cruise missile attack around Astrakhan just hours before Trump's attack. To impress.
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Maria Zakharova is preparing a Russian response:
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might as well now appoint Hillary, the warmonger, his new Vice President and then make himself her deputy.
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So I guess if it's proven that the sarin attack (if that's what it was), is confirmed to be a false flag, the USA will... what, apologize?
El Murid: никакого противодействия удару США Россия не оказала - Асад нам союзник, но миллиарды в западных банках ближе и роднее.
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The Empire rushes in to rewrite history again based on the events of the day.
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I can't understand for the life of me why testimony from "activists" in STRONGHOLD wouldn't convince anyone
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Pentagon: Russian personnel was present at the Syrian airbase during the US attack.
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The Deep State has already pumped up Trump's approved ratings. Just in.
Pres Trump who justly attacked fake corporate news attacked the main adversary and victim of ISIS and al Qaeda based on FAKE NEWS. Big Fail.
Trump's base of support is gone if he goes to war with Syria, the same people who betrayed before election will betray him again.

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