Sunday, April 9, 2017

GLADIO + mafia = Putin and his crooks

Moscow too has its stock of phrases which it keeps using as pacifiers and which its trolls keep using as proof of Putin's genius.

When Russia calls "for an objective investigation" of the supposed chemical attack in Syria, we know from the past--Ghouta 2013, Odessa Massacre of May 2, 2014 (of which Putin bragged that he knows everything that can be known about it, and yet Moscow did not reveal or share any info/evidence), MH 17 of July 2013 etc., that Moscow just wants to pass the buck to the Empire and let the Empire play its game and will not rock the boat by sharing its own intel, expertise or findings.
"We keep each other's back." Or as Czechs say, brothers and comrades keep passing the buck and/or the ball[s] to each other." Or you scratch his balls, he melts and takes it.

Berlusconi (a matter of public record) has been a chief GLADIO liaison for NATO with Russia, basically a "curator" of the Russian KGB mafia.

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