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A Czech poet's coverage of Trump's strike against Syria that has been fighting off al Qaeda brigades and armies for seven years now

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Jacob Sullivan to Hillary in 2012 (via Wikileaks): "Al Qaeda is on our side in Syria. Things have turned out as expected!"
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U.S. Democracy @US_Democracy
Викиликс: Джейк Салливан информирует Хиллари Клинтон о том, что "Аль-Каида" в Сирии работает на стороне США …
"Charlie, tell us again how you won the war!--First James Bond screwed up Raisa, and then we also Americanized... 
Some Russian sources claim that among the Russian military personnel there are at least some wounded after the US... 

Yes, Western warmongers (and closet sympathizers of al Qaeda) are all high tonight. Both old and young.

From now on al Qaeda just needs to continue to make war movies, and the US will deliver bombs and serve as their Air Force.

US pundits are ecstatic: the US is no longer afraid to bomb Syria. On the side of al Qaeda.

US corporate media talking points (lying in a big way): For 7 years, the "Syrian government has been fighting innocent men, women, children"

Interesting: the Russian navy used to patrol East Mediterranean much permanently since the 2013 crisis, but... 
BREAKING: evidence of manipulation by #MuslimBrotherhood Whitehelmets staging Chemical Attack, same person appears again and again #Syria
типичный запутенский дебил не знает что букгальтер не разрешает путену ничего кроме снабжения хунты
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хороший @OН @D_onetsk888
Кстати, Россия теперь вправе долбануть по нацикам на Донбассе и обвинить в этом Порошенко. Трамп дал добро. Аминь.
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Here is a view on Trump's strike on Syria and Russia's posture from a perspective close to Washington:
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Julia IoffeVerified account @juliaioffe
Much of Russia's anger over #Syria is for show. My latest. 
The night of infamy: bombing the people who have been fighting a long and brave fight against al Qaeda and ISIS... 

What went under the radar: US targeted a base with Russian presence on the ground. Q: What would the US do if they were in Russian shoes?
US military sources (reported on US networks,i.e. Fox News) say about 100 Russian soldiers were present at the... 

Syria and her President have been 7 years fighting al Qaeda/ISIS backed by NATO &Arab despots. West liberals: Syria "is killing children"!
Conway Kellyanne @KellyannePolls on Fox News tonight: By bombing Syrians who are under attack by al Qaeda, ISIS,... 
Bill Kristol, the Kagens (inc Nuland), McCain, Renfield (aka Graham), Hillary and all the other neocons are orgasmic over Syria

Sean Spicer on Fox News: His bombing of brave Syria fighting a long war against al Qaeda+ISIS was for Trump "pleasing and gratifying."

After Trumps's attack on Syria, McCain is today on networks rejuvenated and beaming as if he has just drunken few gallons of virgin blood.

Syrian Gen Khalil Ibrahim was also murdered by Trump tomahawk missiles! He was guilty of fighting al-Qaeda & ISIS!
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Manifesto: 1. A consistent and self-conscious anti-communist is a fascist. 2. Fascism is a cult of death and... 

If the Russian oligarchs were to assemble together all their yachts, including those owned by Medvedev, in one... 

"Putin should read Marx." Lol. Putin's main reading course consists of his secret bank statements and GLADIO... 
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Putin's S-400s were never meant to protect Syria from external attack. They were always meant to protect Putin's fans from the obvious.
Politicians, they always go back on their election promises. #Trump ran on the promise not to start WW3 and as soon as he gets elected...
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USVPMichael Pence: The agreement on destruction of chemical weapons in Syria didn't work,Russia, Syria defaulting on their obligations.What?
After his strike on Syria is Trump still Putin's official great coworker in "making the world great again"? Or will Putin promote Poroshenko?

Once Trump's strike became news,the Kremlin became at first confused whether denials of being notified look worse on them than getting "FYI"

Putin has decided to dispatch a ship (like one) to the Mediterranean, hoping that the news will amaze the sect of... 

The claim of the anti-Trump establishment,Dems as well as Putin's Clever Plan (c) becomes more clear: "To undermine faith in US democracy."

A hermit, a student of Socrates, with twitter
With Obama we've got the first affirmative action Pres.With Nobel Peace Prize he waged 2 wars via al Qaeda proxies,now 1st billionaire Pres.

D.Medvedev might be just one step away from fighting with the US over his farm and estate in Italy.
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Does this mean we're about to bomb Russia too?
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AP PoliticsVerified account @AP_Politics
BREAKING: Senior U.S. military officials say Pentagon looking into whether Russia participated in Syrian chemical weapons attack.
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Russia's Foreign Ministry calls on all to denounce everyone who is bad and to correct them.
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МИД России  🇷🇺Verified account @MID_RF
Призываем СБ #ООН сосредоточиться на вызовах, которые несет «химический» террор, принять меры по их купированию 
"You can only imagine how much these strikes have raised the spirits of the terrorists." #Russia at #UNSC #Syria
За 30 лет семинарист Сталин дважды вытащил Страну из разрухи в лидеры..За 30 лет эффективные менеджеры сделали вывод,что Сталин был неправ..
Translate from Russian
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ReplyPerfect. Thank you, #Bolivia
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Dugin: "Trump is capable of saving people all around the world from globalism;he began this really spiritual fight."

Dugin: "The globalists remind me of the black periods of Soviet history - Stalin`s style of lie."
Dugin: "I am anti-communist and I am anti-Nazi, anti-fascist. ..I am simply a realist.. like Trump or Putin."

Just read a Putinist's "trump card": "Putin owes absolutely nothing to all of you. That's why you must fucking stand by him no matter what."

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Bernie, the phony socialist, calls President Assad leading a fight against genocidal Qaeda and ISIS a "war criminal."
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Bernie SandersVerified account @SenSanders
Syria’s Bashar Assad's use of chemical weapons against the men, women and children of his country makes him a war criminal.
"Members of Congress are wary of voting on war, since the long-term political fallout of those votes can be grave"
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"Russia's S-400s have never promised the Syrians anything. And there were no sacraments to protect."
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События дняVerified account @GazetaRu
С-400 за «Шайрат» не отвечает 
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How times have changed...
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Donald J. TrumpVerified account @realDonaldTrump
The terrorists in Syria are calling themselves REBELS and getting away with it because our leaders are so completely stupid!
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Trump: "We will deliver!" 59 Tomahawk missiles against the greatest al-Qaeda fighting force, the brave Syrian Army!
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Donald J. TrumpVerified account @realDonaldTrump
Great to talk jobs with #NABTU2017. Tremendous spirit & optimism - we will deliver! 
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Bombs, bombs, bombs for al Qaeda!
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Donald J. TrumpVerified account @realDonaldTrump
Путин звонит Суркову, Тимченко, Шувалову: - Собираю совет. Объявляем войну США. Вы где? - Я в Майами - Я в Нью-Йорке - А я в Сан-Франциско
Not WH fabrications but real Saudi F16 massacres in Yemen! Trump never heard of them cuz oil money blinds the sole! Hypocrisy!
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Trump is watching the strike like a determined loser. The woman in blue finds its interesting. Bannon pushed back to the wall.
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Conflict News @Conflicts
PHOTO: US President Donald Trump and top advisers receiving briefing on #Syria military strikes - @PressSec
Victims of 9/11 and 7/7 long forgotten, as Trump launches attack on Syria that will directly benefit IS and al Qaeda

A SAA officer from the Syrian airbase confirms presence of Russian personnel there during the US attack 
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The US media has switched to the attack in Stockholm so that they don't need to dwell on Trump's attack on Syria over Qaeda-staged videos
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Putinist new PR talking points and spin on Syria: 60 missiles fired against Syria and Syria accused of a war crime: No biggie.Putin informed
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Alexey Khlebnikov @AleksKhlebnikov
Replying to @AleksKhlebnikov
It seems US #Syria strikes are largely symbolic, politically-driven: -low damage & casualties -informed #Russia in advance -not the 1st time
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Putinist new talking points on Syria: "nothing serious happened."
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Alexey Khlebnikov @AleksKhlebnikov
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If to drop everybody's diplomatic rhetoric, calls for international law, responsibility, etc - nothing serious happened, just another strike
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Under Putin, the Great Chessmaster of Russia's own checkmate, the number of hospitals in Russia is soon to be reduced the 1913 level.
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burckina-faso @burckina
Эксперты предсказали сокращение числа больниц до уровня 1913 года 
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That's nothing if you think that Putin's new greater friend is the guy who ordered the strike... #Trump

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  1. It seems like a bad dream, Vladimir. Myself, and Dugin too, were wrong about Trump. He shot his supporters in the back.