Thursday, April 20, 2017

Look at the man who will be again pontificating over May 9, the Soviet Victory over Fascism, with Lenin's Mausoleum wrapped up again in Vlasovian colors

For the record, here is Putin with his GLADIO and mafia handler Berlusconi eulogizing, bowing to and kneeling to Italian invaders of Russia in September of 2015 and Putin having his sidekicks eulogizing and saluting Nazi invaders of the USSR in June of 2016. See the photos.
The current "Russian elite" groomed in the Putinist spirit knows few things well. It is hypocrisy and self-adoration. Had these people been in power in 1941, they would have just rushed to take selfies with the invading Nazi armies. In comparison with these people, all previous Russian elites were spiritual giants.

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