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A Czech poet's coverage of D. Trump's strike on Syria on the basis of al Qaeda-staged casus belli (Cont.)

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    Vladimir Suchan Retweeted Reuters Top News
    Tonight Pres Trump disgraced himself. Bigly.
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    Maximilian Forte Retweeted NBC News
    Just following the instructions of "Crooked Hillary":
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    It must be stated clearly that we, the USA, support: Turkey & Saudi Arabi & 'rebels', all of whom support ISIS. So no more morality excuses!
    citizen near airfield : Ambulance movement is incessant. Lots of injured. People w/ cars are heading there 2 help out
    Putin can now bring his S-300/400s safely back from Syria if the US allows him to or he can sell them to Turkey with a big discount.
    None of the cruise missiles were intercepted tonight. AD and AD remained idle.
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    Дон Румата Retweeted SиЭ
    А скоро Калининград.
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    José Julián Martí Retweeted Within Syria
    Pentagon air strikes against the SAA was a green light for their proxies to go all-in.
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    For months has been bashing and cheering protesters, but now that he bombed ... They love him!
    Vladimir Suchan Retweeted Leith Abou Fadel
    Evidently ISIS had somehow heads-up info on Trump's attack too and planned and coordinated its attack accordingly.
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    Stavros Hadjiyiannis Retweeted Jewish Russophile
    To American Trump supporters: It's not Trump, he is only a puppet by now. The Deep State was too much for him. Simple as that.
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    The Russian claim that the Syrian Air Force did supposedly bomb a chemical warehouse was intended to prepare the lady's unstated consent.
    Коля Лукойлов Retweeted RT на русском
    как с-300 поживают? "небо сирии закрыто"...
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    партнёрство это сила
    Vladimir Suchan Retweeted Vladimir Putin
    For the record.
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    All 'democracies' in the world are happy now with the US deliberately attacking base, especially & ...
    Heavy clashes are now reported ; coming under attack by terrorists! This is 's "surprise" to !
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    UPDATE: Governor of province, says US strike on military installation helps forces
    I guess Trump wasn't "Putin's puppet" after all, he was just another deep state/Neo-Con puppet. I'm officially OFF the Trump train.
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    ’s state SANA news agency cites military source on scene as confirming strike & that it resulted in casualties
    Max Blumenthal Retweeted Aldin  🇧🇦
    Trump winning over new constituencies tonight, from neocons to jihadists
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    It's official, decided to take backing up Al-Qaeda & to a whole new level, attacking Sheirat Airbase with missiles.
    Toppling a secular government and opening the gates of hell for ISIS to take over the Middle East is my "red line". Stop this catastrophe.
    “16 Articles That Expose How They Lied Us Into War in Iraq” by
    As the US cruise missiles were flying by, Russia's S-300s and 400s were switched to this mode and changed appearance accordingly:
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    Eyad Reporters Using the opportunity of US Strikes to attack @ 24 Junction / Crossroads near Farqalas
    Tillerson has announced that the US is now forming a coalition to remove President Assad.
    Тиллерсон рассказал о создании коалиции США по свержению Асада
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    Vladimir Suchan Retweeted Дон Румата
    Moscow was informed, but not asked for consent. But no one was warning anyone at the Syrian base.
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    Can anyone say when the US launched 60 cruise missiles on ISIS or al Qaeda in Iraq or Syria like the US did tonight against Syria? Never.
    Где все эти пидарасы рассказывавшие что Донбасс нельзя защищать ибо это противоречит международному праву? Ау, шакалы, че молчим?
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    desperate face-saving attempt by Russia fails disastrously
    Vladimir Suchan Retweeted WikiLeaks
    Paradox of the moment: is now hated by people who voted for him and applauded by people who always hated and hate him.
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    Vladimir Suchan Retweeted Washington Post
    The US has accused Syria of a war crime based on al Qaeda staged videos and decided to ruin a whole country together with al Qaeda and ISIS.
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    Vladimir Suchan Retweeted Charles Lister
    Cheerleader/pundit: Trump's strike on Syria will empower Saudis and Erdogan to increase again support for their al Qaeda, jihadist proxies
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    Vladimir Suchan Retweeted ТАСС
    Russia's TASS reports human casualties from the US strike on Syria.
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    Nothing would get her and Hillary to sing Trumpie's praises more than bombing
    Vladimir Suchan Retweeted CNN International
    According to these US satellite photos, the Syrian airbase appears to have been mainly used by Russia's combat helicopters.
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    Russian forces were warned in advance by US of strike in Syria, Pentagon confirms
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    I mean, we're just weeks removed from her Trump tax return spectacle & now is making the Trump admin's case for war to her audience.
    By ordering the attack on Syria based on the staged psy-op, Trump has become a "disaster" according to a snap poll of 800+ people
    Vladimir Suchan Retweeted Conflict News
    After Libya, the US Armed Forces openly lined up again on the same side with al Qaeda.
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    Vladimir Suchan Retweeted Marcus Weisgerber
    "No we are not targeting people. We are only targeting their shoes and chairs on which they are sitting."
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    Today, the necocons, Hillary and her supporters and McCain have won back the presidency lost in November. Trump is their man now.
    Vladimir Suchan Retweeted RT
    5-6 hours prior to Trump's attack on Syria, Moscow's response was already told: Moscow’s support for Assad govt ‘not unconditional’– Kremlin
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    What we know: Washington told Moscow beforehand of the attack, the target,the timing. Moscow ordered its Air Force, Air Defense to stay out
    Vladimir Suchan Retweeted The Associated Press
    Human losses from the Syrian airbase already reported, despite Putinists rushing in claiming 60 missiles did not harm anybody.
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    Vladimir Suchan Retweeted Leith Abou Fadel
    The US/Pentagon:Well, we have been just shooting in Syria just next to the Russians.Just above them and just in front and just by their rear
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    The airbase the US attacked in Syria hosts Russian helicopters and their Russian crews. The pics of Russia's helos burnt would be iconic.
    Vladimir Suchan Retweeted Conflict News
    The irony is that, technically, Tillerson is right: "Russia has been "complicit or incompetent"--though in another sense than he intended.
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    congratulations - u just passed on retard scale. All because u watched video. in
    AS Retweeted Mark Ames
    Every leftie who reduced the Syrian state & people to "Assad" is complicit in genocide
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    Vladimir Suchan Retweeted zerohedge
    The White House has at least exposed at last Putin as a paper "Superman," if not right away as an accomplice.
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    used the targeted base for their helicopter missions against terrorists. is definitely playing with fire.
    Vladimir Suchan Retweeted Reuters Top News
    Trump ordered missile attack on the Syrian military base where he knew Russians are present. The strike is thus also a message to Moscow.
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    The President must get Congressional approval before attacking Syria-big mistake if he does not!
    Vladimir Suchan Retweeted Russia-Middle East
    Trump told Russia to back off and watch.
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    Vladimir Suchan Retweeted Haidar Sumeri
    Al Qaeda and ISIS are giving Trump all their thumbs up. What a loser.
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    Vladimir Suchan Retweeted Conflict News
    This is the moment when Trump has forfeited himself as a leader.
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    When al Qaeda, ISIS continued to recruit and use children as executioners and suicide bombers, White House's, CIA's conscience wasn't moved.
    By ordering bombardment of Syria tonight, Trump has locked himself in the same fold with McCain, Hillary, neocons, the swamp. He lost.Bigly
    embraced a Big Lie as "the truth" and ordered a missile attack on Syria on al Qaeda's behalf and so he is lost. Bigly.
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    I think Bannon is not big fan of military intervention . Trump administration has been taken over by neo cons 2 months ago . He is pawn
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    Most likely then Steve Bannon was demoted for opposing the neocons' imposition of the war on Syria for al Qaeda on Trump.
    The US Deep State busy again in peddling the new Big Lie of how evil Assad has "chem weapons" set on targeting esp. children of al Qaeda.
    The Kuwait incubator babies lie was done by an actress "Nayirah" aka Arden Wohl - Then and now.
    Trump could shoot somebody and wouldn't lose a single supporter, but if he bombs Syria over the , he'll lose them all.
    Vladimir Suchan Retweeted RT на русском
    Hillary thinks that she lost because people hate women. No, people hate manipulative crooks. Is that an illegal prejudice?
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    Twitter Sues Trump Administration for Demanding Identity of User
    Vladimir Suchan Retweeted The Associated Press
    We are all also deeply disturbed by Hillary's role in facilitating al Qaeda's and ISIS' influx into Libya and in the Qaeda war on Syria.
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    Vladimir Suchan Retweeted Glenn Greenwald
    At least we know that if Hillary had been elected, she would be bombing Syria for al Qaeda now already. She's the Dems' version of McCain
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    No war on Syria!!
    #TrishTheDish Retweeted Stephanie Gilley
    . There is every reason to believe the CIA is behind the chemical attack in Syria & no reason to believe it was Assad
    #TrishTheDish added,
    There's a new meme in the US: "McCain test"--if McCain is for something, then it is ipso facto wrong. Like bombing Syria for al Qaeda.
    Another Syrian 'victim' caught laughing on camera after pretending to be hurt from the "chemical attack" today:

  1. PS: Just saw a Russian video from the same briefing on Youtube, which has a headline that claims that 36 missiles did not reach their target, but this claim has no basis in the video itself. Evidently Russia's attempted disinfo, damage control. Besides the airport, there was other target--a site with SAA warehouses.  

    There was nothing in this Sputnik video about 36 cruise missiles shot down in what I heard when I listened to it, and I listened to the whole thing. Moscow claims that the effectiveness of the attack was low--which is also the first thing Putinists claimed right when the news came--without any way of knowing the truth ("not even a nail on their hands got broken"). Clearly that was their a priori instruction.                                            
    "Oh, no, we are not doing for al Qaeda! We are doing it for the children, which al Qaeda cynically used as props and actors in their videos!"

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