Saturday, April 8, 2017

As the country is rolling off the rails, the Kremlin still manages to keep the (ex-)communists impotent and Russian patriots largely disoriented and misled by various clever shills such as Starikovs, Kurginyans, E. Fyodorovs or Zhirinovskis--all part of the comprador oligarchic circus where Navalny belongs as well; some of these are also advised and assisted by the West (not just Navalny); in this situation, as the Novorossiya leadership turned out not to be up to the task of the times and easily dispersed, neutralized or even assassinated by Kremlin oligarchy, Strelkov's own patriotic movement appears at the loss of what to do; what the old revolutionary generations knew as their ABC, today's amateurs or lovers a better future seem not to have ever learned either at school or in life

However, it appears that El Murid himself ceased to consider himself a member of Strelkov's Moscow-based organization half a year ago; though Egor Prosvirnin was in the recent past voted out in part, as I understand, for his contempt for and hostility to people like El Murid who are for these cafe fascists too leftist or even "Stalinists" who need to be buried at last. Provisrnin tried to impose hegemony on Strelkov’s movement and basically to expropriate it and thus to put an end to it. Strelkov resisted, but some damage was already done.

Prosvirnin is a political trickster. His deliberately provocative platform “Sputnik and Pogrom.” Sputnik is a reference to the symbolic high point of the Soviet Union in launching mankind’s first satellites into space; the latter of which is commonly understood as a pogrom, that is, organized massacre and extermination of the Jews, pointing especially to the anti-Jewish pogroms in Czarist Russia. The reference to Sputnik next to Porgrom/Massacre is not meant as a praise of the Soviet Union. Prosvirnin is an anti-communist, otherwise close to the liberal high society of oligarchic Russia; but he is not an anti-communist; he is a fundamental anti-communist, which means a fascist intellectual and entertainer. When Surkov and the Kremlin imposed on Strelkov ostracism and embargo, Prosvirnin came by offering his resources and audience. In practice, Prosvirnin and his handlers were thereby offering Strelkov a political suicide, which almost worked.

As you can be see from below, Prosvirnin’s Internet publication Sputnik and Porgram was created in 2012—just in time—and, importantly, the site is physically located on a server in the US.  The fact alone says a lot.
Спутник и Погром (он же СиП) — интернет-сайт Егора Просвирнина, позиционируется как информационный ресурс русских националистов. Придерживается резко антисоветских и оппозиционных по отношению к нынешней российской власти взглядов.
Название сайта построено как соединение двух русских слов, которые без перевода вошли во многие языки мира — «спутник» и «погром». Девиз сайта, написанный на одном из баннеров: «Нет спутника без погрома».
Создан в 2012 году (изначально как сообщество ВКонтакте, затем создан отдельный сайт, но ВКонтакте активность также сохраняется), физически располагается в США.  Подробнее: 
El Murid was expelled from Strelkov's Russian Movement apparently for his recent suggestions that, under the existing conditions, the only existing opposition to Putinism with some chance are Navalny's liberals, that Navalny's liberals would be at least a bourgeois democratic advance in relation to the mafia state with fascist tendencies, thus that, at this stage, a tactical cooperation with the liberals might be the only viable and open option with a hope that, under a new bourgeois liberal regime, a broader, more-left alternative might be possible, which does not have currently a chance. At least that's how I read the tidbits from the debate and its reactions, while piecing together what I remember from El Murid's recent posts.
El Murid has in Russia one of the largest audience for a blogger, and, as an analyst, he is second to none in Russia.
If my opinion has any worth, I do think that allying oneself with Navalny and his liberals, who are--however strangely it may sound--a project both of the Kremlin and the West--would be fatal to any genuine alternative and political force that would try to free Russia from her Nazification, further colonization and oligarchy.
Strelkov's organization is built around Strelkov and his nostalgic monarchism, which is most likely, as an ideology, an insurmountable liability already. The core is then represented by self-identified Russian nationalists who appear to have no program for the people or Russia's people as a whole, but only for the Russian nation understood mainly ethnically. Such a program and movement--a chiefly nationalist program-- is bound only to exacerbate problems in times of troubles, most likely only contributing to a possible disintegration.
El Murid has recently tried to cooperate with Sulashkin who has a bad rapport with Strelkov (or rather vice versa). Sulashkin is trying to build a "centrist party of the new type" based on the program which he wrote when he worked in Yakunin's think tank. To me, Sulashkin's program looks like one of Kremlin's backup options for a moderate reform and a soft landing, which would help save oligarchy around some sort of new pragmatism. Sulashkin's effort should have been pursued some five years ago--before 2013. As the abyss is already gaping, such political engineering would do little in the conditions of an acute crisis or implosion, which might be much more dramatic than what we saw in the 1990s.
In this situation, the communists would have a golden opportunity. But these communists are largely the communists whose souls and spirits died already in the 1980s--for most part. These Zyuganov's "communists" are not more than one of the instruments in the crafty hands of the Kremlin, oligarchy and Surkov, the theater director of Her Majesty.
These communists as a whole don't even know or understand the basic know-how used by Lenin and his party.
Strelkov's movement has no Mozgovoy in it. A no first class theoretician either. And no political organizers. Most churches are better organized.

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