Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Prizrak Commander on Sincerity (Iskrennost), the Spark of a True Spirit, and Alexey Mozgovoy

Prizrak Brigade Commander: Alexey Mozgovoy taught us the real meaning and spirit of freedom. He taught us that freedom begins with sincerity and honor. Freedom without truthfulness/sincerity and without honor is a sham. But it was this sham sort of "freedom" in the mud of which society has been sinking when the communist leaders turned into the most ardent anti-communist converts started dismembering the Soviet Union with a rusty and blunt knife.

In Russian, sincerity is "iskrennost," which is also the word the commander is using. Iskrennost is derived from "iskra"--the spark. To have iskrennost means that one's soul is a true living spark of the spirit. Iskrennost thus also includes truthfulness, the opposite of being an unprincipled slime, and honesty, and these, together with courage, create a sense of honor--which Mozgovoy's own spirit and the spirit of his brigade was made of. Moreover, such iskrennost also expresses and affirms the genuineness (istinnost) of the man's and woman's character.

As Prizrak commander says, it was this (romantic) iksrennost, istinnost, or "the renaissance of honor" which has drawn people to Prizrak Bridage and to Mozgovoy who also thereby taught them the genuine meaning and spirit of true freedom and thus helped them "straighten their (formerly bent) spines and backs." In the eyes of the oligarchs--the spineless and unprincipled ones, this was, however, also Mozgovoy's "deadly sin."


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