Saturday, November 7, 2015

Putin's Master Plan--He Does What He Promised (Warned) to Do

Agitated Putin, on March 2014: "Listen to me carefully [I will put] our army not in front, but behind [Donbass] women and children and let's see if anyone then dares to shoot into them and let me then look at him!" Well, the fascists did do just that, and, yes, he did then look several times at Poroshenko, smiled, shoot his hand with him, called him a "respected partner," and signed in Minsk a deal, which gives sovereignty to the fascists over these very same women and children in Donbass. And he (Putin) did what he threatened to do--he did put his armed forces not in the front, but well behind the Donbass women and children.

When you want to show the world how great a chess master you are, you sent to Ukraine someone like Chernomyrdin or Zurabov. And when you want to make the point of how much you dislike anything that speaks of a PEOPLE'S republic, you put in charge someone like Vladislav Surkov, an ardent admirer of anti-Russian, pro-US hypocrite Vaclav Havel. And when you want to cement your reputation for morality and ethics, you choose Berlusconi as your best personal friend, you stroll with him through Crimea and lay together a wreath to the "eternal glory" of Italian soldiers, Nazi allies and invaders of Russia. And you declare Poroshenko "Ukraine's best choice" and brag that you "were the first to support him."

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