Sunday, November 29, 2015

They put a statue of Yeltsin peeing into his pants and on those below in front of his 7 billion rubles center in Ekaterinburg

The statue of Boris Yeltsin in front of his self-named center, which Putin just opened in Ekaterinburg with the stars of Russia's 5th column, liberals, and oligarchs present, appears both symbolic and imposing. While it evokes some of the grandiose "socialist realism" still practiced in North Korea, its message is firmly rooted in the core attitude of Russia's nouveau rich toward the people and the country (not to mention principles). As you can see from the picture, if you put yourself from where you are supposed to look up to the statue or bigger-than-life Yeltsin, then the "gap" between his legs shows off much darker than the rest, giving out an impression that mighty Boris is thus not only relieving himself off his burden, but also peeing from his Titanic height on his unwitting admirers and on those left behind.

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