Sunday, November 8, 2015

Rostislav Ischenko, Surkov's PR bixch, on why Surkov has to remain the Kremlin's chief handler of Donbass: Western partners need him

Rostislav Ischenko, a key Surkov's propagandist of the Minsk deal, hence, of restoring fascist sovereignty over Donbass, recently explained the "indispensable" role and significance of Vladislav Surkov, Putin's pointed man for handling Donbass in the following colorful, sycophant-like terms. Ischenko explains that Surkov has to stay--primarily because of Moscow's concern for the Western partners in order to reassure them that everything is going according to the agreement, the plan, as expected; the Western partners need Surkov to stay:

"Surkov already embodies a specific policy. If he is gone, it would be a demonstration not only for the Russian people interested [in the fate of Donbass], but also for Donbass, Ukraine, the United States, our Western Partners that Russia's policy is to undergo changes. That would mean that someone else will be appointed and that there would be a different policy. Accordingly, we would faced with a situation where our [Western] partners in the [Minsk] negotiations would have to pause, because they would need to see what the new policy would be. They do not care who the person is, but they want to see a face and understand what politics it personifies. During that pause they would just sit and wait whether Surkov was really removed, who will be his replacement, and when it happens, they would then have to wait for his first steps and see what the new steps will be. Only then it would be possible to continue the ]Minsk] negotiations again. Therefore, from my point of view, Surkov's dismissal is not technically proper now," said Ishchenko.

«Сурков уже олицетворяет определенную политику. Если бы он ушел, то это — демонстрация не только для заинтересованных людей в российском обществе, но и для Донбасса, Украины, США, наших западных партнеров, что российская политика сейчас претерпит изменения. Значит, будет кто-то другой и будет другая политика. Соответственно, мы сталкиваемся с тем, что наши партнеры на переговорах делают паузу, потому что хотят посмотреть, какая будет политика. Им все равно, кто будет, они хотят увидеть фигуру и понять, какое будет олицетворение политики. Весь этот период они будут сидеть и ждать, а сняли ли Суркова, кто будет на его месте, а когда будет, нужно дождаться его первых шагов, какие будут новые действия. Ну а потом уже продолжать переговоры. Поэтому, с моей точки зрения сейчас подобное увольнение просто не технологично», — сказал Ищенко.
 For Ischenko, "Surkov is unsinkable." He cannot do wrong and can't be dismissed. The Western partners need him. Very much. As much as the Minsk deal. And if Surkov is unsinkable, so must be Ischenko.

Alexander Chalenko, the same propagandist for the fictitious cunning plans, who serves Surkov in a position similar to Ischenko's, made a FB post on the same topic, defending Surkov's infallibility and indispensability as follows (in an earlier version I believe that I saw there also a claim that Surkov is unsinkable):

"Nobody in the Kremlin has removed Surkov, is not removing Surkov and is not going to remove Surkov from being the Donbass regent. That claim is a fake. Vladislav Yurevich Surkov will continue to rule all of Donbas today, over the weekend, next week and before New Year of 2016 as well as after the New Year Eve.  So the Poroshenko people, Girkin and Strelkov's people, voices saying "Putin betrayed" (putinslivschiki), the Russian divan (sofa) nationalists, General Petrovsky (Khmury/Bad Soldier), Kurchenko and other interested comrades rejoice prematurely. There is no change of priorities in the Donbass, as Zotiev writes. Because there is only one priority, as before a continued integration of Donbass into Russia [though the Minsk Agreements, which Putin keeps saying has no alternative and must be fully implemented, says explicitly the very opposite]. So far de facto. This is called Surkov's course. The course is approved by the Kremlin. Removal of Surkov from handling Donbass would mean a change of this course, but since this is not possible (giving up Novorossia is not possible), removal of Surkov is impossible as well."

Никто в Кремле Суркова не отстранял, не отстраняет и не собирается отстранять от кураторства Донбассом. Это вброс. Всем на Донбассе и сегодня, и на выходных, и на следующей неделе, и до Нового 2016 года, и после Нового года будет продолжать рулить Владислав Юрьич. Так что порошенковцам, Гиркину и стрелковцам, «путинсливщикам», русским диванным националистам, Петровскому (Хмурому), Курченко и прочим заинтересованным товарищам рано радоваться. Нет никакой смены приоритетов на Донбассе, как пишет Зотьев. Потому что там есть только один приоритет, который был и раньше – продолжение интеграции Донбасса в Россию. Пока де-факто. Это называется «курсом Суркова». Курс утвержден Кремлем. Отстранение Суркова от кураторства означало бы смену этого курса, но так как это невозможно (слив Новороссии невозможен), то невозможно и отстранение Суркова от кураторства.

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