Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Evgeniy Fyodorov on German Gref and his "Crimea is not Russia" and "Russians are bydlo"

When leaders and their propagandists begin to rave, you know that crisis is in a full swing

According to Evgeniy Fyodorov, when German Gref said that Crimea is not Russia (from the point of international law) and that's why his Sberbank cannot work there (but can in Ukraine), he was telling the truth. Moreover, according to Fyodorov, Gref was also telling the truth then he spoke of the Russian people as a low form of garbage (bydlo) for Fyodorov actually agrees with him on this too. Fyodorov asks: "How could you treat the [Russian] people other than as refuse [bydlo]--the people who live on the occupied territories and who betrayed their country to their enemies ... what else are they then refuse?" (1:20 into the recording) Oh, no, it wasn't the elite--the people themselves betrayed themselves and capitulated and surrendered!!! According to Fyodorov at least.

Fyodorov also says that Gref was telling the truth about Sberbank--all Russian banks are managed by the US, they don't belong to Russia. In this regard, he says that it is better to have someone like Gref in charge who says the truth (and treats people as refuse because "they deserve it") than having someone who would know how to lie.

Fyodorov then argues that to save Russia, the system has to be changed, and to change the system, you "need to change the facts."

This will happen when Vladimir Putin will be given or will seize as a "national leader" powers equivalent to the Secretary General of the Soviet Communist Party of old (at 5:35 of the recording).

And not least, Fyodorov's stunning declaration from January of 2014: The nation made me vote in the in the interests of the US in the Russian Parliament and do US bidding! Esp. the last 30 seconds:

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