Thursday, August 13, 2015

Briefly on the meaning of Russian oligarchy in the light of Minsk, its Faustian deal with Mephistopheles

Putin's personality cult is presently the last and only thing standing in the way of seeing what Russian post/anti-communist oligarchy actually is--Judases Inc. This, however, puts both the US (Empire) and Russian oligarchs themselves into an awkward bind. Without Putin, Russian oligarchs would be left without emperor's clothes. But, alas, to advance the Empire and Ukrainian oligarchs-turned-fascists, they also made Putin to beget Minsk (I and II), the ugly "Rosemary's baby." And the delivery came with the much needed help of Surkov and Russian oligarchs. Moreover, Minsk always meant helping the junta and advancing the interests of the Empire. But, now, to worship Rosemary or convince oneself that she is a genius is a proposition that can stick only under some very peculiar conditions.

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