Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Moscow handlers are turning their devotion to Minsk-based treason into a disgrace in which tragedy and farce become one

Things are not just atrocious, but utterly disgraceful, after Moscow handlers took Gen. Petrovsky out of the DPR and a young daughter of Zakharchenko's personal assistant was put in charge of a part of "military intelligence" (apparently to make it compatible with Minsk). The result? In Boris Rozhin's own words making it out unto the Internet  as part of the scandal:

"Actually the whole mess with Intelligence is largely a result of the fact that they demolished the system created under General Petrovsky [after he was told to leave his post by Moscow], and the new order of things proved to be unviable, hence the chaos and conflicts within the intelligence service."

"Собственно бардак с разведуправлением проистекает во многом потому, что старую систему созданную при Петровском разломали, а новая оказалась нежизнеспособной, отсюда бардак и конфликты внутри разведуправления." http://colonelcassad.livejournal.com/2333323.html

The Moscow-imposed Minsk regime of "return" to Kiev did not help to achieve any viable military, political or moral goals. Its logic demanded that the DPR and the LPR be reconstructed on anti-Strelkov and anti-Mozgovoy foundations. In practical terms, Donbass was thus to make to bleed and die for the sake of getting back into the yoke of the Nazi regime.

This moral and political disgrace has also elements of utterly shameful farce.

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