Saturday, August 1, 2015

Eduard Basurin's symbolic gesture: with hands behind his back when faced eye-to-eye with Gorlovka mourning women

In the place of the usual drumming of data about how killing of Donbass is proceeding, Eduard Basurin went this time to meet people of Gorlovka who are being shelled with the help of Minsk "ceasefire" unilaterally every day, especially at night. People keep dying. As you can see, when faced with the cry of the women of Gorlovka (here over the death of a little boy), Basurin had really nothing to say. His daily doses of statistics would not do much good anyway. So in this situation, he just folded his hands behind his back. The gesture speaks volumes and comes across as also very symbolic.

Here you see much of the Kremlin's "wisdom" and strategy expressed. Under the Kremlin's orders and in accordance with Minsk concluded to prove right Moscow's earlier claim that Poroshenko is "the best chance for Ukraine" and "peace," the Army of Novorossiya has been made to keep their hands tied behind their backs--in the face of the Nazi regime's systematic destruction of Donbass, lives and the people's hopes.

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