Sunday, August 16, 2015

Surkov, December 2011: Medvedev "pathetic" and Putin "hollow"--"unscrupulous, soulless fools" etc.

There is a twitter account and blog claimed by Vladislav Surkov. Kremlin's and Putin's fans tried at times to argue that these accounts are fake. On July 1, 2015, Surkov, however, published on his twitter account what looks like a genuine birth certificate:

(There is just an empty space for the father. "Does a devil have a father?" I asked in one of my relatively recent FB posts.)

Surkov's tweets and his blogs are a treasure trove for a sociologist wishing to see how the Russian comprador/colonial system is managed and how it works or doesn't. It also shows rather well that the official pecking order is not exactly or most likely the actual pecking order or hierarchy of things as they are in fact.

Back in 2011, Surkov was for a while tasked with overseeing relations with the Czech Republic. Apparently, it was decided that his contacts need to be for a while maintained via Prague. Thus, when Vaclav Havel died, Surkov composed this panegyric for "pan" Havel as he calls him:

Deeply esteemed sir Havel!We know that you are looking at us from above and that you are stunned by the unscrupulous  mayhem perpetrated by our Medvedev-Putins. We know that your sensitive soul even without a corporeal shell understands that these unscrupulous, soulless fools have nothing to do with us, very good in general, people. We know that you have lived and died as a velvety fighter for justice. And that's why we can only spit on the Kremlin whores who mourn the Korean cannibal. We are mourning you.Please forgive us, normal people, because our pathetic President and hollow Prime-Minister do not bother to bow in Prague to your remains. Please rest in peace, Mr. (Pan) Havel. RIP

Глубокоуважаемый пан Гавел!

Мы знаем, что ты сверху смотришь на нас и офигеваешь от бессовестного беспредела, творимого нашими медвепутами.
Мы знаем, что твоя деликатная душа и без телесной оболочки понимает, что эти бессовестные бездушные болваны не имеют ничего общего с нами, совсем неплохим в общем-то народом.
Мы знаем, что ты жил бархатно и умер как праведник.
А потому нам плевать на то, что кремлевские бляди скорбят по корейскому каннибалу.
Мы скорбим по тебе.

пожалуйста, нас, нормальных людей, за то, что наш жалкий президент и пустой премьер не сочли нужным поклониться в Праге твоему праху.
Пусть земля тебе будет пухом, пан Гавел. RIP

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