Friday, August 7, 2015

The US and Saudi Arabia are playing gambit, Russian oligarchy is moving along

Few trivial facts: 1) the Saudis have always closely coordinated their moves with the US; 2) this includes the so-called recent Moscow-Riyadh rapprochement; 3) prove: like KSA, the US too is urging Moscow to join its "fight" against ISIS, 4) this certainly "honest" and "sincere" offer signals that, in addition to Ukraine, ISIS is about to open new fronts on the borders of Russia or even inside, trying to pit the Muslims against the Russian Slavs; the US and Saudi Arabia are thus merely "inviting" Russia for the fight; 5) Moscow-Riyadh rapprochement also legitimizes Saudi Arabia's war in Yemen against the local pro-Iranian allies and is freeing Saudi hands for doing so, even with the help of Russia-supplied weapons. Objectively (and also by design), the Saudi intervention in Yemen is also helping the local al Qaeda army. Let's not forget that Russia also voted in the UN for a resolution authorizing the Saudi war against the Empire's enemies in Yemen, much as it did in the case of Libya. What Medvedev did for Libya, Putin did for Yemen, adding to it Russia's help with weapons. 6) With this mis-direction, the "need for an enemy" (in the place of focusing on saving the Russians and the Ukrainians from Ukrainian fascism) is being fulfilled together with gaining from the Empire even few brownie points, which are not only meaningless, but also counterproductive and possibly suicidal. 7) Conclusion? Both the US and the Saudis are moving Moscow exactly where they want it to be.

The two recent fake stories about Putin's "ultimatum" to Erdogan and the non-existent decision or even consideration concerning Russian paratroopers for Syria indicate the apparently keenly felt need to simulate and fake Russia's principled and robust stance as a wrap covering its absence.

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