Saturday, August 22, 2015

Platonist's Saturday Morning Mischief: On Lenin’s Conspectus on the History of Philosophy

On Lenin’s Conspectus on the History of Philosophy

To understand is to move
Through the notations
With a good ear and soul,
And they are like a necklace
Made of knots, nights and nots,
Which, in Yes, together agree.

In Aristotle Achilles is bound
To overtake Zeno’s tortoise
By “overstepping the limit”
For he and Hegel and Lenin
Do gravely mistake
That the halves are haves
—the limit’s frontier.

And motion is
Change and thought,
Which is mean
To the meaning of its own.

It is the Presence
Punctually punctured
By absence that moves,
Exchanging one thought
For many unthoughts,
In which the Presence
Stays over us, passed,
Overlooked and concealed.

And so thoughts’ unthoughts
Do thus keep us moved,
Changed and apart
Unlike the tortoise,
The old and slow,
Which does not think it knows
What it does not know.

Yet like the note
The arrow too is flying,
But the soul is bound
To return

Like a poem or a song
Which only she can
Draw from you,
Create or compose.

For the error is
In assuming the Presence
Is a separate me and now or time
As if one note only
Were music too

And separate from the soul.

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