Monday, November 24, 2014

Strelkov Responded to Murid, But Chose to React to Murid's Apparently Least Repugnant and hence Not Gravest "Bred" (Delirium)

Igor Strelkov has come out with his own comment on El Murid's early peek on his forthcoming book in which he tries to compare the US Armed Forces and ISIS. Oh, sorry, he means to draw parallels between the Army of Novorossiya and ISIS--in the name of some previous order, so it seems.

When I published my own blasting of El Murid, I did not run it with Strelkov. But I did have a feeling that Strelkov himself would need to respond.

And here is Strelkov's reaction: "I've read from El Murid this huuuge expose of what needed to be done when leaving Slavyansk in order to "save Russian Mir." It is a long time since I something so mad from respected Anatoliy. Apparently, we should have stormed Dniepropetrovsk. Without armor, without munition, without bullets, without gasoline, but with a thousand of women and children in the train, while breaking through several defense lines and fortified positions. Not to mention the fact that the military experience of even the most combat ready troops of the militia was exclusively that of defense."

"Прочитал у Эль-Мюрида ба-а-альшую портянку про то, как надо было действовать при выходе из Славянска, чтобы "спасти Русский Мир". Давно не читал такого бреда в исполнении ув.Анатолия... На Днепропетровск надо было идти, оказывается... Без бронетехники, без снарядов, без патронов, без бензина и с тысячей женщин-детей в обозе... Прорываясь через несколько линий блок-постов... И это при том, что весь боевой опыт даже самых боеспособных подразделений ополчения был на тот момент исключительно оборонительный."

As I said before, charging Strelkov with the ostensible neglect of the "need" to throw his outgunned troops hundreds of kilometers away from the nearest support base and into the middle of the junta's state is one thing. But trying to associate the antifascist militia with the ISIS/al Qaeda terrorists and mercenaries is a much more serious matter. Murid is going to have a whole book on this now. Not difficult to see whose interests this is to serve. On top of this, Murid also claims that Novorossiya is lost and so is the war ... because of Russia's policies and Strelkov's inability to see Murid's ingenuous plan of how to destroy Strelkov's troops if they had just agreed to move not into Donetsk, but in the opposite direction ...

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