Monday, November 24, 2014

El Murid's "Bear Service" (refers to the Russian/Slavic expression) and Here Is Not One, but Three Very Strong Reasons (At Least) Why

Disclosure: I've changed the animal to a "bear." El Murid is an excellent analyst, but, here, he lapsed and regressed. But now I would call this idea of his rather clumsy and misplaced than nasty, thus displacing my own reaction, which was in part due to my then openness and willingness to listen to a guy whom "The truth about the events in Ukraine."

The plots around Ukraine and Novorossiya are quite "Byzantine" or, to be more current, Machiavellian.We are trying to our best, others are trying their worst, and much gets mixed up.

In his post, which seems to be an early revealed portion of his forthcoming book, in which he was bound on comparing the militia of Novorossiya and ISIS (whose interests is this going to serve?), El Murid offers his new view on Strelkov, Novorossiya, and Russia. What he says of Strelkov should dispel the last illusions that he is Strelkov's friend or, at least, ally or associate or help. According to Murid, Novorosssiya and the Russian Mir have been crushed, and, supposedly, it is by and large Strelkov's fault. The first assertion is false and so is the second.

According to Murid, Strelkov should have led his forces with no armor, no artillery, and hardly any ammunition left from the encirclement in Slavyansk not into the city of Donetsk, but deeper into the enemy's territory and to seize some large city like Kharkov, Dniepropetrovsk, or Zaporozhie. According to Murid what prevented Strelkov from doing so was Strelkov's limited vision or narrow-mindedness from which Murid himself as a civilian does not suffer because he does not like to go to the frontline--not because he is afraid (he claims that the chance he might suffer a car accident where he lives is as large as a chance of being injured in a war zone), but because being so far away supposedly gives Murid an incomparably greater view and understanding.

In trying very hard to present Novorossiya as an already failed and defeated entity (in whose interests again?) and boasting of his wisdom, Murid could not help but boasting also of this: "Более того — по мнению моих друзей из Киева, близких к нынешней хунте, даже в период самых тяжелых боев летом в киевском руководстве сохранялось весьма пренебрежительное отношение к ополчению и ситуации на Юго-Востоке в целом. Считалось, что все идет как надо, и временные проблемы никак не влияют на конечный результат, который будет достигнут самое позднее к концу августа."

Translation: "Moreover, according to my friends from Kiev, close to today's junta, even during the time of the most difficult battles in the summer, the Kiev leadership remained convinced of its victory over the militia and was confident about the whole situation in the South-East of Ukraine. They thought that everything went as planned and that current problems would not effect the final result, which would be achieved by the end of August."

The key words are Murid's "friends from Kiev, close to today's junta" sharing with Murid their assessment of the realization of their plans against Novorossiya and Strelkov.

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