Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Strelkov, Honor, and Odushevlenie of the Russian People

In his interview, Strelkov's comrade in arms from Slavyansk with the name de guerre "Prapor" said among other things the following: One of the most striking and tragic premises and factors of the demise of the Soviet Union was the near total disappearance of honor and the code of honor on the part of Soviet officers. As a result, officers in mass either silently betrayed their oaths and honor or, devoid of honor and a sense of duty, they even became active traitors. Most of the people of honor perished in World War II and they were replaced with generations of conformists. Today, Strelkov embodies the renaissance of the officer's honor. He met Strelkov in Transdniestria in 1993. Strelkov was just freshly out of  a college where he studies history. Back then Strelkov was an unreformed, that is, determined Romantic.

People in Donbass, now the nucleus of Novorossiya, underwent "odushevlenie" (literally, [re]ensoulment) or "osaznanie" (moral and cognitive recovery of their own true self). They too are now regaining their honor and dignity.

In other words, before the people lost their country, their "guardians" (officers and communists) lost their sense of honor.

This also means that to win back a country, one also needs to win one's honor back ... together with one's soul. And that's the odushevlenie that Prapor was witnessing in Novorossiya.

Prapor: "We are at the beginning of the Russian renaissance."

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