Thursday, November 27, 2014

During the Inauguration of the "New" Old Maidan/Junta Government, Poroshenko Confirmed and Declared Its Nazi Character and Program

Poroshenko today in Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian Parliament): "100% of Ukrainians are for one unitary state .... [however] there are still many people who support the Customs Union [with Russia], the Russian language as an official language, but we will never give them the right to veto our course."

So 100% plus "many people" who think otherwise and who will have their right denied ... to what does this add up? Clearly, for Poroshenko, only those who support Ukraine's Nazification count. They are "100%" of the people, and Poroshenko has just declared that the many others ought to count for nothing and be treated as already non-existent from now on. In other words, Poroshenko has just declared and confirmed the essence of his Nazi program and this program to be the program of the "new" government.

"Выступая в Раде, Порошенко заявил, что 100% украинцев выступают за единое унитарное государство. Однако, прекрасно понимая, что на фоне идущей войны на Донбассе его заявление выглядит несколько нелепо, был вынужден оговориться: "еще немало людей поддерживает Таможенный союз, русский язык в качестве государственного, но мы никогда не дадим им право вето на наш курс".

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