Friday, November 14, 2014



RUSSIAN 1 TV PUBLISHED IMAGES FROM A SATELLITE VIDEO SHOWING A UKRAINIAN JET DOWNING MH 17 (from the right side, as I myself originally argued). A first, the Ukrainian jet shot through the cockpit with the MH 17 pilots and then launched an air-to-air missile against the airliner.

This information was sent on November 9 to the group of Russian engineers who authored earlier a study of the attack on MH 17. In the report, the Russian investigator says that they received (or read?) the message on November 12. Attached to the letter is the said image from a satellite surveillance imagery. The author of the letter is signed as "George Bilt," a MIT graduate and aviation expert with more than two decades of professional experience. The satellite image appears to be from a US (military?) surveillance satellite, which the Russian 1 TV calls merely "foreign."

Moreover, the Ukrainian military jet in the image is clearly a SU-27.

In one of the thus leaked images, the trace of an air-to-air missile fired against MH-17 is clearly visible.

Russian engineers carried out a close investigation of the satellite imagery and declared them genuine.

The release of this information has clearly been timed for the eve of G-20 in Australia.

See the TV 1 report, especially after 2:00.

The link also includes a full transcript of the text of the report.

Igor Kolomoysky, the famous Ukrainian oligarch and one of the masterminds of the Banderite regime change in Ukraine, had a series of SKYPE conversations with a Russian activist whom he mistook for Pavel Gubarev, one of the political leaders of Novorossiya. Kolomoysky was evidently eager to establish some contacts with the leadership on the other side. When during a series of such conversations, Kolomoysky was asked about Malaysian Boeing MH 17,  he said (somewhat nervously laughing, but nevertheless laughing) the following: We tried to hit one plane and hit another one. That happens when the execution is given into the hands of the inexperienced. One feels sorry for the people, of course. But it was a trifle.

The leak of the US satellite photo of MH-17 and Ukrainian MIG-29 confirms that regime of Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk, Avakov & co (also responsible for the Odessa massacre) is a terrorist, criminal regime.

The true meaning of John Kerry's claim of the "mountain of evidence" about MH 17 has been revealed. The mountain was a metaphor for a US spy satellite that monitored the false flag operation.

Coincidentally, a crew of Russian channel 1 TV, which published the leaked satellite images of UKR MIG-29 & MH 17, was targeted and shelled by Ukrainian troops near Lugansk just about the time when the satellite images were released. 

For a very good and thorough discussion of some of the so-called refutations and assertions about the "fake" character of the photo I would recommend this analysis:

In the original report of Russian 1 TV, the Ukrainian military jet was described as a MIG-29. Since then most experts assert that it is a SU-27, but certainly not a SU-25. The image does not exclude a likelihood of another military jet present there, but out of the frame of this picture.

Apparent size of objects quickly diminishes with a distance; hence it is absolutely incorrect to assume that the apparent size of the Donetsk airport runway (4 km long), which, in the picture appears to be almost the same size of the Boeing would then make the Boeing also almost 4 km long. Not only is there a 10km difference in the altitude between the two, but also even a greater distance between the two objects--the runway and the plane. The apparent relative sizes of objects at different distances and altitudes depend on the distance, the angles of viewing, but also on the zoom and the technical parameters of the original camera and then the computer software.


  1. Well, what not a surprise, The fact the West has been blaming Russia, without any evidence withing a few hours of the downing of MH17, speaks volumes.
    They are so convinced the masses will fall in line to the propaganda, same sort of BS they threw at Hitler and WW2 when all the time, the Zionist controlled Churchill was actually refusing to do peace talks............Lucky many of us are now AWAKE

  2. i think you are right. zionist-controlled hitler...perversions of truth so deep! and who controls the zionists????

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