Saturday, November 8, 2014

If anyone doubts the Nazi character of the regime in Kiev, he or she should check the treatment of the many of its political prisoners

In the name of "dignity" and "European values," the Kiev regime is acting like a totalitarian dictatorship. By now, the regime keeps hundreds, possibly thousands, of political prisoners. The gravity of this problem is crying out to heaven.

Elena Blokha, a Ukrainian female journalist, was one of such political prisoners. She was detained on August 2 and kept in prison till October 30 when she was exchanged for Ukrainian military personnel who have been shelling the cities of Donbass. She was charged with terrorism. Anyone who is not cooperating with the Nazi, Banderite regime in Kiev is liable to this charge in Ukraine today.

For the first two months, she was kept in solitary confinement under complete, constant surveillance and without any communication with the outside world. The Ukrainian secret police tried to pressure her into confessing her "crime" or, better yet, into becoming the secret police agent by threatening her that, as  a mother, she would never see her children again if she does not give in.

After the two months, she was moved into a female prison where, for three months in overcrowded cells, there was no working canalization and they had water only for five minutes a day. Then water from faucets stopped and 6-8 women per cell were given only 6 liters of water for a day--for all their needs. There was no heating there.

From her investigators she learned that the Kiev junta has effectively put all journalists and other potential people of interest under close surveillance--all their communications are being monitored.

The situation with political prisoners, the massive and growing number of them, and their abysmal treatment, which is almost as appalling as the treatment of prisoners of war by the Kiev regime is a testimony to the utterly fascist character, mindset,  and mode of operation of the new Ukrainian authorities. And the Russian government needs to take a clear and strong stance to this horrendous abuse and violations of the most basic human rights about which the West does not care at all--for they support, support, equip and advice this very same criminal regime in Ukraine.

At the same time, we owe deep respect to the courage and ethical determination of these heroic women who, like Elena Blokha, dare to stand up against this new aggressive Nazism, which Western and Ukrainian oligarchs are promoting in Ukraine.

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