Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Chaos and Re-Alignment of Central and Eastern Europe with Kiev's Banderite (Nazi) Regime and Its Maidan as a Strategy: A New Stage in the NWO Drama

Attempts at Maidan-like regime changes in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary are now underway. The West wants and desire to politically secure NATO's new rear or, respectively, forward positions.

This means and demands closing the "post-communist" period with its "democratization" and "liberalization" game and finalizing the prepared transition to a "more efficient' right-wing dictatorship.

As a regime and type, new fascist dictatorship would be much closer to and more aligned with Ukraine's Nazi/Banderite oligarchy.

This decisively radical regime would also be equally radically and aggressively anti-Russian. Both the radical anti-Russian orientation on the outside and new fascism on the onside is a political and ideological must for NATO and US Drang nach Osten--in their campaign against Russia.

Such a regime change is also thought to be the necessary coping mechanism for the ongoing economic depression and the ongoing social and political crisis, which also includes the crisis of the existing authorities and the crisis of their legitimacy.

In other words, the US is pushing the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary into a acute internal political crisis similar to the one that was unleashed in Ukraine by the US-managed Maidan (given the character and importance of the Polish government, there is no need to extend this process into Poland).

In carrying out this planned regime change, the West also tries, just as in 1989, to construe and present only false choices (with false friends and enemies) without any real, sound alternatives.

The release of Vojislav Seselj from the Imperial Inquisition  in the Hague, however long overdue and welcome, is calculated to create either a new Maidan-like crisis in Serbia too or a situation, which the West could use for replacing the current quisling regime in Serbia with a crisis that would allow unleashing the desired state of chaos in Serbia and Bosnia with a possible military occupation and elimination of Serb self-rule in the Republika Srpska.

The double nature of Milos Zeman, a key protagonist in the staged Velvet Revolution, serves this scenario very well. Zeman's double character is reminiscent of Yanukovich's.

Like other people elsewhere, especially in Ukraine, many Czechs were taught to love to hate Russia, Russians, and anything which they came to see as inferior, un-European, and poor. For many, hate of communism, which is running strong in these people, is a hate of what they perceive as a direct threat to their egoism. All the people in the picture are protesting in part against the right and freedom of political leaders to say anything good about Russia and the Russians even if it comes from Zeman who otherwise supports the Kiev regime and NATO. If they and their handlers prevail, the result will be quite clear.

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