Monday, July 7, 2014

The Kiev junta feels lucky now: its troopers are already able to shoot their own people without remorse

In Ukraine, under the conditions of outside appeasement, fascism has overcome a serious psychological barrier--the fear and resistance to kill "not simply living people, but their own people, i.e. civilians and Russians. The Ukrainian Army has no longer this problem.

The New York Times helps us understand what, besides Moscow's inaction, started making difference in Ukraine. Fascism and shock troopers learned how to shoot into their own people: "Mykola Sungurovskyi, the director of military programs at the Razumkov Center, a policy research organization here in the capital of Ukraine, [explained that] ... there has also been aid from abroad ... but even more important ... was a crucial psychological shift: Soldiers surmounted a reluctance to open fire on their own countrymen ... 'They have overcome that psychological barrier in which the military were afraid to shoot living people,' Mr. Sungurovskyi said. “They had this barrier after Maidan, after the death of that hundred — not simply to shoot living people, but their own people.'"

Andriy Parubiy, the leader of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council:
"We, of course, studied the experience of both Croatia and Israel ... [but if] this experience is successful, this experience can very easily be used ... even in Belarus and Kazakhstan. If we do not stop Putin here, nobody knows where his Girkins will appear next.”

Evidently, after Donbass, the fascists are already looking ahead to Belarus and Kazakhstan. In addition to Crimea somewhere close by.

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