Monday, July 7, 2014

From Putin's experienced fans in the West: Resisting fascism too much is irresponsible and bad for peace

It is almost an honor to have been promoted first by Joaquin Flores from "even friends" to the 6th column and a Cointelpro agent and from there and the 6th column (one would need to be employed in the Russian government structures for that though) to the 5th column (the traitorous pro-Western liberals) and then from there to romantic lovers of Che Guevara who fight (or speak up) "without consultation with anyone" and are not lined up at Putin's own "choosing."

Since Che Guevara has nothing to do with either the 6th column or the 5th column, then this earned appreciation, however, confused, is probably yet another promotion to a column No. 4 or 3 I would suppose. However, there is some clarity in this public denunciation, for, if Val and Daniel (two personal critics of mine, and Daniel here is NOT Dan Welsch) are correct, then, indeed, Putin's position and his strategy is that "when the day is done, reaction and Nazis have been brought to East Ukraine," but to support the creation of the people's republics, the Novorossyia idea, people's referendums and that also means armed resistance and self-defense is wrong, arrogant, and not in accordance with Putin's wish or decision.

In Val's immortally memorable words: "Putin told the people in Eastern Ukraine not to have a referendum. He didn't tell any one to go wage a guerrilla war. The people who chose this path chose it on their own hoof without consultation with anyone. They thought they could drag Putin into a war of their own choosing, not Russia's nor the president's choosing. Manipulation doesn't work. When the day is done, reaction and Nazis have been brought to East Ukraine." Translation: you cannot rise up against fascism until you have for it 1) Putin's permission and 2) Val's support.

Ironically, we might agree that, overall, this is how Putin's position, indeed, looks to be.

Where we disagree and part our ways is what we think of fascism and the reasonableness, morality and wisdom of the position, which, to use Putin's words, is "meant to create favorable conditions" for restoration of the Kiev junta's legitimacy and its sovereignty. In other words, while Val and I might agree as to the fascist or Nazi nature of the Kiev regime, it is not actually that clear that this view is also Putin's view  for the farthest he ever went in this respect was that the "Ukrainian government" could be or become really a junta if things like the Odessa massacre can happen. He strictly stood several miles away from any suggestion about the Nazi character of the regime in Kiev.

Nevertheless, it seems that, while for Putin, the chief form of resistance so far appeared  to be the unsuccessful effort to make the junta pay at least another slice of their debt for gas and trying to get oligarch Medvedchuk with Kolomoysky's support take over the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics as the junta's appointed governor, Val's preferred form of resistance appears to be one of pleading with the Nazis, their troops, and their Western supporters in a way which would somehow make of us as if their conscientious mothers and girlfriends of these Nazi soldiers who don't want their men enlisted by fascism to go into battle without more secure body armor.

Trying to do more is, according to Val, criminal manipulation. When the cloud of this kind of rhetoric is settled, Val's and Putin's (?) position amounts to: "Protest against fascism, but don't resist because any serious resistance to fascism is 1) not in accordance with Putin's decree and 2) is against world peace." The return of fascism to Ukraine and Europe, like Brzezinski's Grand Chessboard strategy, which basically demands the former, is a road to Hell. And, yes, many columns are heading there. Hard to keep the count. But if someone has trouble counting and discerning, it happens to be the left, namely, whatever is left of the left in the first world, the imperial core, and then in its semi-colonial periphery of the former (communist) East.

As Socrates said the other day: "I went down to Piraeus together with Glaucon to pay my respect to the goddess and to see her festival ... and what a sight it was!" As for myself I am merely one guy and voice on the bank of an Ohio river, which happened to spontaneously burst into flames twice in the past, as, we are told, any good river in Hades likes to do. And the only thing I am doing is merely saying: "Look! And don't just look here, but also look ahead!"

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