Monday, July 14, 2014

Kolomoysky on behalf of Ukrainian fascism: Oligarchy in Ukraine is dead!

Recently, Igor Kolomeysky, the principal financier and brain behind the Ukainian fascist oligarchy, gave an interview to Poroshenko's TV 5th Channel. In that interview, he tried to do a remarkable thing--to deny that the same oligarchs who controlled everything in Ukraine before the Maidan are still there (now with lots of help from avowed fascists) and that they are oligarchs.

An interesting question, worthy of a graduate seminar at which students like to defend sometimes the most implausible opinions,  then is how to deny what is a basic and most self-evident fact?

As Kolomeysky knows or believes, it is quite simple: one has to deny the obvious. One just needs to do it very authoritatively and announce it, if possible, through controlled "public", that is, corporate media, if possible through the very same which the self-same oligarchs control. For would the oligarchs lie?

So this what Kolomeysky said in order to assure the deceived people of Ukraine: "With the flight of Yanukovich, oligarchy has died here. And with the attack on Ukraine by Russia, there are no oligarchs in our country anymore."

Kolomeysky's brazen denial contains within itself an interesting sophism though. For, however, his denial is stupid, it might still work for those who do need something--anything--to maintain their denial or reality and cognitive assistance. In this regard, and for those people, almost anything what dear leaders say is good enough.

But Kolomeysky himself is no stupid man. I do believe that he is by far the most cunning and smart brain with the fascist oligarchy has. And this means that Kolomeysky's stupid statement does also contain or hide within some more interesting points.  To indicate what it could be, one has to be a bit esoteric. In this light, Kolomeysky's declaration indicates several things:

1. The Maidan is not exactly a continuation of the previous oligarchy. Yet, it is, and yet it isn't. Oligarchy and fascism "co-penetrated" each other as two mutual dialectical negations (if it is OK to use that style today), and all of Ukraine got screwed up as a result.
2. The Maidan is, after all, a radical change of the regime and its oligarchy led by the oligarchs themselves. So how to understand this strange dialectic? Oligarchy remains and yet it is no longer the same oligarchy.
3. As Sergey Fyodorov pointed out, Ukrainian oligarchy (following its own genesis and demands from Washington), embraced violence. And not just violence, but, with it, also fascism. And by turning decisively and irreversibly fascist, it crossed its own Rubicon. This Rubicon means its "hybrid" war aimed at Russia or/and destruction of Ukraine as a regime and country that existed as a latent, but more and more overt aggressive neo-Banderite project, which perfectly fits into Brzezinski's "great chessboard" post-Cold War plan to aufheben--negate and lift out of existence--the largest state and real estate on earth, the Russian Federation. If the US is our New (and for Brzezinski latest and last) Roman Empire, then Russia is its Carthege, and "Carthago delenda est" (must be deleted or destroyed). After Napoleon and Hitler, this is the third Titanic attempt in the last two hundred years.
4. But all this, Kolomeysky, of course, cannot tell the audience. But, as a good criminal, the temptation and urge to make a public confession, while hiding it in front of everyone, is simply too high. It is part of the morbid pleasure in the crime.
5. So, as Kolomeysky renders it, oligarchs in Ukraine no longer exist. What he does not add though is that these oligarchs do still exist. But they no longer exist in the old sense--in the sense of the previous regime, which was merely a neo-liberal, postcommunist kleptocracy. Now we have a Nazi regime (Nazism understood here as more virulently aggressive and oppressive fascism, for which marches and outward theatrics are no longer enough; it is fascism that recognizes in death and war against all the other "subhumans" its highest purpose).
6. So the same oligarchs still rule, but they are no longer rule by the same means or in the same way as before. So, in this respect, Kolomeysky is lying, but his lie also conceals a key transformation. (But how to be subtle on TV?)
7. To this, Kolomeysky also adds that these this oligarchy, which also includes himself first and foremost, "has died." But he is still alive, isn't he? And so is oligarchy, which is very vividly killing civilians from Odessa to Lugansk.
8. The answer to this sophistic enigma is at least twofold: i) for centuries, the term "dead" was used metaphorically and symbolically for the initiates, and 2) truth to be told, Ukrainian oligarchy's fascism and its crimes have made it already politically dead in principle. Conversely put, Ukrainian oligarchy has died to their previous more criminally banal and benign self and has been initiated through much of blood spilled into the darkness of fascist tyranny--the ultimate political evil.

Like Avakov's yesterday nervous denunciation of the current Maidan as "bandits" set up by Russian secret agents, Kolomeysky's self-denial is exposing the junta's Achilles' heel--its oligarchic character. While for a good number of Ukrainians killing ethnic Russians in the east is justified by their nationalism, it has become for the regime ever more difficult to hide and deny the simple fact that the junta's troopers are actually dying and killing for the oligarchs, who keep robbing them down to the bone, and for NATO's geopolitical megalomania, which serves them as cannon fodder to the Ukrainian fields. Slowly, but surely, many Ukrainians are now catching up to a realization that, if their work served the oligarchs before, it is now their blood, which the oligarchs demand--at the altar of new fascism to keep God Mammon happy.

Similarly, the fast diminishing deniability of the fascist character of the oligarchic regime in Kiev is now also posing ever more greater headaches and possible total public relations and political disaster for Merkel and Germany as the main European godfather and backer of today's Ukrainian fascism and Banderisim on account of Germany's dark World War II past, which Europe has never forgotten. Germany's alliance with fascism in Kiev can thus easily sooner or later tank and destroy much of the legitimacy and prestige which Germany has built so hard and carefully for the last 70 years or so. As recent leaks of the candid conversations of Poland's foreign minister Sikoriski revealed, Poland too is only now and very reluctantly waking up to the fact that its aggressive anti-Russian course is seriously endangering its own precarious geopolitical post-World War II status an indispensable guarantor of which is namely Russia. Similarly, Germany embracing Ukrainian fascists as her own long lost true friends might be more like a kiss of death for her role as a leader in Europe.

"What do you think the goals are now?" Oligarchs are realizing that people hate oligarchs. And more  rather than less and that even anti-Russian propaganda is not helping. So, in the face of this, they are left with just two options, both of which were voiced by Kolomeysky and Avakov respectively: to lie about being oligarchs, however implausible it is, and to use more force and terror. And so Ukrainian oligarchs now publicly wedded and welded to Banderite nationalists and fascists through ideology and massacres have stepped onto a road of no return. At the same time, their ever more clear fascist character and crimes are already making the regime and the West lose the info war and they are also making it now practically impossible to have NATO openly or officially involved on the side of overt fascists and murderous oligarchs. Too many people are now already seeing it with eyes sufficiently open.

«У нас с бегством Януковича олигархия умерла. У нас с нападением России на Украину нет больше олигархии в стране. Фирташ сегодня олигарх? Он очень способный человек, умудряется влиять на ситуацию в отсутствие в стране, даже в ожидании суда по экстрадиции. Фирташ у нас считался олигархом. А я считаю главным олигархом Левочкина. И кукловодом», — заявил Коломойский в интервью «5-му каналу».

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