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Heidegger,Dugin and Impious Euthypro from Ohio

Dugin is ripping Heidegger, who was for Leo Strauss the deepest Nazi "philosopher," and is trying to stick it to the cause of antifascist resistance in Donbass. Dugin in his own words: "Narod does not exist for all these ideologies ... But it does exist—it is the only thing that truly exists. Heidegger used to say, 'Dasein exists through a People' (Das Dasein existiert völkisch). .... Only when faced with death does it become clear what it means to be Russian. People go to Novorossia, to Donetsk and Lugansk, obeying the Will of Russian History, drawn in by the Russian Death. It is this Red Death that makes Russians what they are. Death in the world. In the name of Narod. Death for Narod is life. Thus, people go to Novorossia to live in the Russian way."

The cruel irony is that the leaders of the Right Sector do have a less mystical, but more precise understanding of Heidegger. With this sort of philosophizing, one introduces a set of views against which the people have risen in Donbass in a merely repackaged form.

Dugin's often penetrating political analysis is thus crafted on thinking, which heralded the "death of man" and "death of philosophy" as a march into "clearing" and Heidegger's (Nazi) politics and "poetics" of death. Dugin's anti-communism and hatred of liberalism is making him a Russian Heidegger. Yet, in this way, paradoxically, if not tragically, Dugin is doing something very similar to the Russian liberals. While Russian liberal Westernizers commonly import their own believes from the West, without blinking, Dugin decided to import Heidegger and construct his "Russian nationalism" out of it, thus trying to merge two very different things--one is death to another.

Thus Dugin came to believe that, if he is to mean something as a philosopher, he needs to speak Heidegger's language and so he does. His terminology is borrowed from Heidegger. Yet, in fact, this means that he thus stops talking like a Russian and takes on a persona of Russian Heidegger. But when one looks more carefully at his analysis where he is at his best, he does not need Heidegger's heavy-handed terminology. Heidegger's "cowardly" mysticism (to use Leo Strauss' own private appraisal of Heidegger) at best obscures Dugin's political analysis. At worst, it assimilates it with Nazi thinking.

God, please save us from ourselves for we don't know what we are doing! If Heidegger in his old age said that "only God can save us" (a new Nietzschean god), perhaps we can rejoinder by saying that, if we get really lost, then perhaps only God can save us from ourselves where (especially in relation to our atheistic comrades), I would only add that God can be here that part in us which (always) beats our own intelligence or prejudice, whichever happens to get into the way of the Good.

But since high caliber thinkers are the most incorrigible people in the world, and so it is usually too late to save them (from themselves), a prudent course of action would be to try to save people from them. And to keep Russian Heideggers further away from the walls of the Kremlin.

Here is, however, another production by Alexander Dugin also from today, which shows that when Dugin forgets to talk and think like Heidegger, he becomes his own man and becomes one of the strongest Russian political analysts (google translated, though):

"Enough help: save, save, STEPPING situation on Novorossia little clearer. Troops did not enter. Bad, but what can you do. But it seems everyone has realized that giving Novorossia equivalent accelerated junta attack on Crimea, which means exactly the war that so tried to avoid all delays with quality support DNR and LC. Now the picture is clear. Being reorganized defense, military and political centralization of control under the auspices of small arms and the official authorities of New Russia, and in the near future, I think we go on the offensive. Main cohesion and determination. Novorossia reunification with Russia postponed indefinitely (Transnistria scenario), but if we will defend the new state, the legal side of this question a hundred times will be revised. in Russia from May to July were two parallel universes: patriotic and information , continues the line of Russian Spring and active party plum, in the face of the sixth column, which not only screamed "not to send troops," "not to draw Russia into war" (for some reason, completely forgetting about the Crimea and and that the junta in any moment can draw Russia into the war worth it just to attack the Crimea), but generally opened a case to ensure that the right to bring Novorossia (requirement I. Jurgens Putin - "revoke Rifle and Beard", confirmed in kinked-schizoid konspiratsionistskoy manner provocateur Kurginyanom). The Kremlin took his time, balancing between these lines without throwing Novorossia completely, but not providing enough support to effectively protect people from genocide. Attention to the word "reasonable." If support would be "sufficient", many would not be a horror. So, it was not sufficient. And it is a fact. One explanation of this duality - Moscow game on the contradictions between the EU and the USA. I dealt with this topic for many years and is committed responsibly argue that for a complete split between Brussels and Washington until the conditions are ripe. And especially in the Ukrainian situation. Contradiction there, but still ahead, and it will have to work very seriously. As elsewhere, the personal actions of Putin's effectiveness and efficiency. But as elsewhere, his reforms have almost no institutionalization, everything rests on manual control, and should he turn away, all at once falls from his hands. NATO will not break up now, it will break later. And count on the fact that suspending aid Novorossia we convince Europe and this will push her ​​to take a specific position is simply naive. Theoretically correct (from a geopolitical point of view), but does not consider the timing of processes. It's on the next turn. All Ukrainian epic Moscow will have to go with support for themselves and partners multipolar club (also not yet ready to fully support and coordinated strategy). Lack of institutionalization perfectly reasonable endeavors to Europe Putin makes logical chain - "betray Novorossia Europe will support the thesis of" our Crimea "and" stop the war "- into something naive, ridiculous, and to give the sixth column. Not support (yet). We may have to go whole range of tests to return to the Russian Mir all 20 million of its citizens who are under the authority of the neo-Nazi junta and only then deal with Europe. Next. Sixth column mortally frightened Russian people with a gun, fighting not to order, and by his heart. Her deadly frightened patriotism and steep true folk reform leadership Novorossia. mortally frightened Her symbolic image of a small arm. mortally frightened Her rousing Russian people. So she climbed out of the skin, these two unbearable months to torpedo any means Russian Spring. tried to strike the final blow Kurguinjan, lashing out at Strelkova in the most critical moment when a feather on one of the cups weights predetermined decision on the adequacy of assistance this time. It's all understandable and certainly not over yet. Novorossia once whacks, threatens to turn into another state with Russian avant-garde folk and patriotic conservative agenda. And here Greater Russia faces a choice: to say to the New Russia "yes" to rely on the Russian Awakening, because this patriotic upsurge began precisely with the sharp and was taken up by "Hurrah!" Crimean people demarche Putin, or merge it to demonize its leaders and heroes, disown militias and new Russian Epic, emerging before our eyes. But it is fraught review support Russian masses in Russia itself. Putin is poised to lead the Russian Spring, but taking in this matter towards the sixth column, the contrary, he hit himself. In all senses - both morally and historically, and even technologically. A sixth column just waiting in secret. Once (God forbid) Putin will weaken support for the Patriots lost, the sixth column connects to the fifth and to take advantage of their insidious plans also by patriots (in the spirit of network warfare, where all the tools are suitable - for Evromaydane this technology connection between the liberals and nationalists, and even Neo-Nazis again tested). Sufficient help Novorossia - Patriots victory and Putin. And all in vain efforts to oppose him Strelkova. Shooters embodies the people, but the people, devoted to his State performing their duty. And if the state takes people and expresses its aspirations, the people of this State is faithfully. Therefore, the formula for winning the battle Novorossia Putin + arrows. Then all the risks transferred and assigned to the outside network Atlanticist agents of influence, that is, traitors. It will be difficult? Yes. But I do not agree with the hypothesis of our friend and patriot Yevgeny Fyodorov about "Putin's weakness," his hands and feet bound sixth and fifth column, as well as direct representatives of the World Government. I think Putin is completely sovereign ruler. And it will be quite a sovereign, if finally will support the Patriots. People he feels he understands Russian, it himself in the end, it is Russian and quite popular. That's what "our man in the Kremlin." But the fact that so many years he is operative game, what to do - the former does not happen. Draining Novorossia under any pretext (the argument can be any "avoid war", "an internal affair of the neo-Nazi State", "bad militias", "little children and women's bodies, "etc.) - both war (Crimea), and betrayal, and empty efforts to" separation of Europe "(early, not ripe), and loss of time and territory. And most importantly: the peoples of this opposition, namely the people - the basis of support for Putin. Therefore plums Novorossia - end Russia. The sixth column, together with the fifth and cheated and betrayed patriots, including returning from Novorossia fighters and refugees, plans to overthrow Putin. It is the American plan, including the repetition of the Maidan in Moscow. Here everything is transparent, and Putin is not blind not to see this perspective, and not suicidal, to seeing her continue in this spirit. I am today in the following. Party plum and its strategy will be gradually phased out. Novorossia will receive sufficient support to remain, protect and go to the counter-offensive. And we will move to where should. two-month delay ends. Putin + Shooters. From defense to offense. Last: It is important not to forget about the Crimea. How cheerfully he began as a folk patriotic impulse was shot down later. Revolution can not be transformed into everyday life, immersed in a lot of Russian Spring technological details. Crimea should not be just the same as Russia, it is not enough. It should be somewhat better - even in the idea, in theory, on the horizon - the present-day Russia, it should be at least one step closer to the New Russia to New Russia. After Aksenov Chaly - Russian folk heroes. Not just business executives. Stage movement in Russian future must be such Russian Crimea, New Russia. To Novorossia. Towards a New Russia. Therefore Crimea need another chord popular revolution, another revolution purification and takeoff."

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